July 29, 2005

July 29, 2005

More on Prince Tennis Balls

I'm interested to play them, I wonder if the high-altitude balls will stop me from my forehand hitting the back fence...to be continued...

Prince Tour Regular Duty

Prince Tour Extra Duty

Prince Tour High-Altitude

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July 29, 2005

Prince Introduces Line of Tennis Balls

Yep...it appears that the company who changed the world with the oversized and longbody racquets has jumped into the tennis ball arena with their "Tour" line. They claim this is a natural progression considering the company’s origins as a tennis ball machine manufacturer. Not sure about that, seems to me Penn and Wilson have this covered, but you never know.

The Tour is a high-end, long-lasting ball. And its only going to be in limited distribution. If anyone sees them or plays them, please let WATR know. Some of the construction aspects of the ball are:

- durable hi-vis woven felt for optimal visibility and a longer-lasting
- dynamic core for extended play
- hand-covered for consistent quality

Also interesting, they are offered in different felt types for different play characteristics and court surfaces. The Tour ball is offered in Extra Duty felt for hard court use, Regular Duty felt for soft court use, and a High Altitude Extra Duty felt for areas above 3,500 feet.

Read the release

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July 28, 2005

Wilson Debuts New Line of Tour Bags

All ATP and WTA Wilson Touring Pros to Switch to New Line

Besides a pretty cool look, we must say, there are a number of technical features of note including:
- Wilson’s patented Thermoguard®, which insulates the bag protecting rackets from extreme heat
- Moisture Guard™, which keeps equipment safe from damaging moisture.
- No-slip shoulder straps
- Padded carry handles
- Lots of compartments including a shoe and wet pocket compartment
- Dupont Stainguard on the fabric

There are a number of different models of this bag, including the Pro ($79.99), Super Six ($74.99), Six Pack (MSRP $59.99), Court ($49.99), Triple ($39.99) and Backpack ($39.99).

Read the press release from Wilson

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July 27, 2005

HEAD Launches Three New Flexpoint Racquets

HEAD introduces three new Flexpoint tennis racquets that will be available in pro/specialty and sporting goods stores late this summer. Excerpts from the release and specs on the racquets below:

Flexpoint 10
The flagship and most powerful HEAD Flexpoint racquet in the line with a large headsize and lightweight design.
• 121 square inch head size
• Weight 8.3 oz. / Balance 3/4” HH
• SRP: $275.00

Flexpoint 4
HEAD Flexpoint racquet with the ultimate blend of Power and Control.
• 107 square inch head size
• Weight 9.2 oz. / Balance 1/3” HL
• SRP: $225.00

Flexpoint Instinct
HEAD Flexpoint racquet designed for the new generation of aggressive players. Racquet of choice for Tour Players: Richard Gasquet, Anastasia Myskina, Svetlana Kuznetsova.
• 100 square inch head size
• Weight 10.4 oz. / Balance 1” HL
• SRP: $180.00

Read the whole release

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Wilson Introduces New EZ Tennis Line

First Ever Color-Coded Teaching System Makes Tennis Easy to Teach & Learn

Wilson Racquet Sports has developed a new line of tennis instructional equipment, called the EZ Tennis line. Its is apparently designed for teaching professionals to run entry-level programs, and uses a color-coded racket system for beginners that make the fundamentals of tennis easier to comprehend.

As you know, we at WATR are two ex-teaching pros. We think this is an AWESOME idea! We can't wait to check them out in person. Nice work Wilson.

Read the press release

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Wilson Athletes Sweep Wimbledon Singles

Roger Federer and Venus Williams Triumphant with Wilson nCode Technology

OK...a little late, I apologize. Summer has been busy, I'll try and not let this happen again.

Wilson athletes dominated Wimbledon with Roger Federer winning his third consecutive single’s title and Venus Williams defeating Lindsay Davenport in a dramatic all-Wilson women’s single final. Federer, Williams and Davenport all use rackets from Wilson’s nCode line, which was rated the best racket frame technology on the market, according to a Late Season 2004 Tennis Dealer Trend Report by Sports Marketing Surveys USA.

Read press release

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July 22, 2005

July 21, 2005

How to find the right racquet for your game

A fun, well-written article about picking out a tennis racquet that is right for you. It categorizes the racquets they recommend by the type of player and buyer you are. The types of players are: Spin Doctor, Weekend Warrior, Bargain, Pro Stick. A good way to think about it for the recreational player. Great FAQ too.

Racquets recommended are the Head Flexpoint Radical, the Prince O3 Silver, the Völkl Tour 5, and the Babolat Aeropro Drive.

Read the article from Men.Style.Com

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Goofy Mangles Tennis

Walt Disney takes on tennis, in a very "goofy" way. Two Goofys play a tennis match in typical Goofy style. The announcer sometimes has trouble following the action. The groundskeeper seems to always be present, trimming the grass, filling in holes (in one case with a tree), and delivering the oversized trophy.

Read More

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July 18, 2005

Lawyer Denies Responsibility for Nelson Mandela Racquet

Ismail Ayob denies responsibility for the tennis racquet hastily withdrawn from sale at a London art gallery, which had claimed it once belonged to Nelson Mandela. More...

From The Johannesburg Sunday Times, July 17, 2005

Posted to allAfrica.com July 18, 2005

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WATR Review of Bow Brand Natural Gut

Bow Brand has two different types of string, for different types of players. We found the "Championship" product to have a sharp, lively feel. Championship is a great for tournaments and match-play on a shorter horizon. After the first day or so the performance startes to decline. On the other hand, we found the "Professional" to be steady, a little less lively. The Professional plays with slightly less "POW," but is steady and long-lasting. Both are solid performers, and reasonably priced.

So what does this all mean to you? Well, if you already like natural gut, we think you'll get more for your money with Bow Brand than its more famous competitors. If you're new to natural gut, its worth a try, because the bottom line about gut is more power, more comfort, and better control.

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July 17, 2005

Anniversary of Man Killing Wife With Tennis Racquet

Yikes...we're dedicated to all things tennis racquet related...but please do NOT try this at home...

Read the story

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July 15, 2005

What's New This Weekend on the Blogpire - Win $50 and $25?

See the latest news from all of our weblogs this weekend. If you want to win $50 visit Single Serve Coffee.com and if you want to win $25 visit Kitchen Contraptions.com. Visit both and win $75!

Single Serve Coffee.com (Single Serve Coffee & Coffee Pod News) is giving away $50 bucks! Sign Up for their Mailing List & Win $50, Review: BetterPods Sumatra Mandheling Coffee Pods by Single Serve Coffee.com, and a Review: Wolfgang Instant Hot Latte by Single Serve Coffee.com.

Kitchen Contraptions.com (Kitchen Gadgets & Reviews) is giving away $25 bucks! Sign Up for Kitchen Contraptions.com Mailing List & Win $25, and covered the Vacu-Vin Wine Saver System and started a series on Orka Oven Mitt: Our Money Where Our Mouth Is.

Just The Chips.com (Poker Chips & Poker News) has more news of Poker-Playing Robots Battle For $100,000 Pot and World Poker Tour down as poker champion's bid evaporates. Shaving Stuff.com (Shaving for Men & Women) covered the spoof of Maria Sharapova Shaving Tips, Shave your head, and the Philips BodyGroom

What's All The Racquet.com (Tennis Racquet News & Reviews) covered Hewitt Goes Shopping for New Sponsors and Spaghetti Stringing. TV Snob.com (LCD & HDTV Reviews & TV News) went nuts on Friday with It's Giant PROJECTION LCD Screen Friday!!!, 11 New LCD & Plasma TVs from Hitachi, and th eArchos AV 700 Portable DVR & Video Player.

Shirt Snob.com (All things Shirts - trust us) found too much to cover. Some highlights included: Accessory Friday-Holly Aiken bags, Ingwa; Melero Charmeuse Halter Top with Rhinestones, and Boho-print babydoll top by Banana Republic. GPS Lodge.com (GPS Receivers & News) didn't get lost all week and covered Personal Securer GPS, New Pontus MP3 Player with GPS, and the Sazo Mobile Phone GPS.

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Hewitt Goes Shopping for New Sponsors

Lleyton Hewitt has decided to drop Nike for clothing, causing a big bidding war for the top Aussie player. He's already #3 on the highest paid athletes in Australia, this might give him a bump. He plays a Yonex, which also makes clothing. Maybe he'll go head to toe Yonex, we'll see...

From The Courier Mail, July 15, 2005

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July 12, 2005

Spaghetti Stringing

A friend of WhatsAllTheRacquet contacted us, asking us if we could find some information about "spaghetti stringing." To be honest, we'd never heard of it, but what an interesting learning experience it has been. Who would have thought that strining such as this would have been legal at all, but it was, much to the chagrin of many players, pro and otherwise. Thank you, Fabio, for the question, we hope to hear more from you.

From the ITF website:
According to the Rules of Tennis, "the hitting surface of the racket shall be flat and consist of a pattern of crossed strings connected to a frame and alternately interlaced or bonded where they cross". This tends to limit the movement between strings and, thus, the spin imparted to the ball. This rule was introduced in 1978 in response to a stringing system patented the previous year (US Patent 4273331, 8 December 1977) which could generate almost twice as much spin as a conventionally-strung racket, dubbed 'spaghetti' stringing. Spaghetti stringing is illegal because the main and cross strings are not interlaced (or bonded). Instead, the strings lie on parallel planes and are able to move with the aid of tubular sleeves, which act as bearings, see below. The freedom of movement allows the strings to deflect within the plane of the hitting surface and so rotate the ball as they recoil. The result is that players can produce extreme spin with minimal effort.

From the Get Charged website:

The spaghetti racket scandal began in May of 1977 when the Swiss Tennis Federation (STF) inquired of the ITF as to the legality of the unusual racket. When a 40 year-old Australian, Barry Phillips-Moore, well past his tennis prime, made it to the round of 16 at the Belgium Open in 1977 with the spaghetti strings, the innovation and not Phillips-Moore’s talents were cited as the reason for his success. Similar success stories, such as Georges Goven reaching the French Open semifinals, led to the STF prohibiting the racket at its closed tournaments, players refusing to compete against the technology, increasing vocal and public concern, and the ITF evaluating racket technology.

The controversial technology was the brainchild of a German horticulturist, Werner Fischer. While a double-strung racket simply meant that two sets of strings passed through a single hole, the Fischer system was more revolutionary. Fischer’s racket had three planes of non-intersecting strings with only five or six cross strings. With fewer cross strings, the main strings held the ball on the strings longer allowing a player to impart more spin on the ball. Additionally, to prevent the strings from sliding and breaking, a system of knots and plastic tubing protected them. This plastic tubing led to the racket’s nickname: the “spaghetti racket.” Fischer experimented with a double-strung racket system in Germany in the early 1970s and provided rackets to a struggling German tennis club. Within three years the club emerged on the top level of competition after playing for years on levels three and four. Fischer was not, however, a marketing and sales genius, and thus the racket technology remained within German clubs until 1977. In the summer of 1977 Fischer entered into an agreement with Gunter Harz, whereby Harz was to get professional tennis players to use the racket and build an international sales network.

The double strung racket, or the spaghetti racket, had two planes of non-intersecting strings and on the strings was a plastic coating to reduce breakage. This stringing system held the ball on the strings longer, transforming a typical topspin stroke into an unreturnable shot. This seemingly simple design created uproar as low ranked professionals using this racket were victorious over top-ranked pros. The upsets on the court sent the tennis executives into a flurry of discussion focused on what to do about the new technology that technically was legal but was causing such a disruption.

A few professional players did successfully use the racket, leading to its banishment. Despite unexpected victories in Europe by “humdrum” touring pros, Barry Phillips-Moore, Georges Goven, and Erwin Muller, not until the world witnessed its power at the US Open, did the ITF’s concern turn to panic. At the September tournament, Michael Fischbach, ranking below the top 100 players, beat two top professionals, Billy Martin and Stan Smith. The upsets continued as Ilie Nastase fell victim to Goven’s racket in a Paris tournament, and vowed to never again compete against one. True to his word, the last week in September, at the Aix-en-Provence tournament, Nastase did not compete against one, but brandished the racket himself, and watched an infuriated Guillermo Vilas, storm off the court, ending Vilas’ fifty match win streak.

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July 9, 2005

July 2, 2005

What's New & Exciting from the Blogpire?

What's new & exciting from the Blogpire? Single Serve Coffee.com has news Senseo Coming to an American Bed & Breakfast Near You, how to Keep Your Single Serve Coffee Hot!, and a review on Coolbrew Coffee. Kitchen Contraptions.com covered Coffee Makers, Rehti Design Flower Print Griddle, Kershaw Color Fish Knife, and LG Remote Monitoring Laundry System.

Just The Chips.com has some info on Weird Poker Games, Personalized Casino Quality Chips, andNEW TEXAS HOLD'EM Poker Chips. Shaving Stuff.com was also busy giving advice for Grooms, a Straight Razor Primer and Heavy Duty Shaving Cream.

What's All The Racquet.com has Congratulations to the Wimbledon Semi-Finalists!, Ancient Roman Inspiration for Tennis Racquets?, and news Andy Murray picking up Head as a racquet sponsor. TV Snob.com covered the Slingbox and other stuff including: Appliance ''Placeshifts'' the Living Room TV, Slingbox Review at Slingbox411.com, and other news on How To Buy A Home Projector, and HDTV: Terms To Know.

Shirt Snob.com covered too many shirts to count including: Ballerina Wrap by Susana Monaco, Grecian influence by Cynthia Vincent, La Fem Blouse, and Lotta Stensson halter top. And last but not least, GPS Lodge.com has news of New GPS Units from palmOne.

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July 1, 2005

Congratulations to the Wimbledon Semi-Finalists!

Well...its a little late for the Women's semi-finalists, we know its Williams vs. Davenport. But, all the semi-finalists deserve some kudos. And for our readers, we thought it would be interesting to show what racquets they're all playing.


Venus Williams
Racquet: Wilson H 4

Lindsay Davenport
Racquet: Wilson N Tour 95

Amelie Mauresmo
Racquet: Dunlop M-Fil 300

Maria Sharapova
Racquet: Prince Shark


Roger Federer
Racquet: Wilson nSix-One Tour 90
WhatsAllTheRacquet's Posting on the nSix-One using nanotechnology

Lleyton Hewitt
Racquet: Yonex RDX-500

Andy Roddick
Racquet: Babolat Pure Drive Plus

Thomas Johansson
Racquet: Dunlop M-Fil 200


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