March 31, 2006

The Best of the Blogpire

Cheapfunwines-2Another week and another Best of the Blogpire. Make sure and check out the latest from all of our blogs and also each blog now offers a mailing list and RSS feed for you to read your news from. Now on with the Best of the Blogpire!

Liquor Snob
- Reviewing Booze Is More Than A Numbers Game - Skorppio Vodka: Feel the Sting

Really Natural - Disturbing News About Organic Dairy Farms - Kashi TLC All Natural Snack Crackers Original 7 Grain

Critical Gamers - Warhammer Marches on PCs this Fall - Spice up your Scrabble with Wildwords

Single Serve Coffee - Review: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Fair Trade Island Coconut™ K-Cups from Single Serve - Reader Reviews: Aerobie AeroPress Coffee & Espresso Maker

Just The Chips - Texas Hold'em Odds - RFID goes all-in at the casino

Kitchen Contraptions - Cheese Scissors - Wine Preservation Steward

Shaving Stuff - Gillette Fusion Razors - 8 for $14.99 - Free Schick Quattro Midnight Razor

Whats All The Racquet - BROKEBACK BORG - THE FINAL CHAPTER! - What do Vince Spadea and Kevin Federline have in common?

TV Snob - Is That the HDTV you Really Want? - Amazon Now Listing the TCD649180 Dual Tuner Series 2 TiVo

Shirt Snob - Falling in Tank by Ya-Ya - Short Sleeve Top with Leather Band by Lauren Moffatt

GPS Lodge - New Navman GPS Receivers: iCN 720 and iCN 750 with Cameras - Garmin Launches GPSMAP 378 and GPSMAP 478

The Cooking News - Recipe News: Taste of Home Recipes - Wine News: The effect of oxygen on wine

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March 29, 2006





From the AP: "Bjorn Borg is hanging on to his Wimbledon trophies, and he can thank longtime rival John McEnroe. Borg said in the Swedish newspaper Expressen on Tuesday that he received calls from several former tennis stars after announcing plans to auction his five Wimbledon trophies and two of his title-winning wood rackets. "And then when John McEnroe called me several times and wondered what I was doing, I guess I woke up: 'Borg, what has gotten in to you? Have you gone completely nuts?'" he said."


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March 28, 2006

What do Vince Spadea and Kevin Federline have in common?

Spadea Loses Bad Rap in Hotel Robbery

Vince Spadea was robbed in his sleep Wednesday at his hotel during the NASDAQ-100 in Miami Thieves made off with roughly $5,000 of merchandise including a laptop, iPod, CDs and tennis gear.

"I swear I slept through the whole thing. I'm not making this up. I got up to go to the bathroom at 3:30 in the morning and decided to check my messages when I realized my computer wasn't there," Spadea told reporters. "Then I felt this intense breeze coming through the room. I had this eerie feeling throughout my body. I was thinking, 'Am I sleepwalking or something?'"

Thieves reportedly pried open the screen door during the night on his fifth-floor pool deck room at the Biscayne Bay Marriott in downtown Miami.

"(The security people are) writing all this down and asking me, 'Are you sure you lost it? Is it in your car?'" Spadea told reporters. "'Hey dude, I'm not crazy. I lost $5,000 worth of merchandise and $5 million worth of phone numbers.' I lost 21 hot rap tracks that are coming out on my new album. I'm going to have to reinvent them."


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March 24, 2006

Retro ellesse Warm-up Jackets

OK...I was a little tough on ellesse the other day with their new designs, I admit it. I'm more of an old-school tennis kind of guy. Well...I found a source of retro ellesse apparel...and I've decided to sell some of them on eBay. There are two types of jackets. I'm selling them for $59.99, which is almost $30 off of retail. Colors and sizes are limited, so get 'em while they're hot. And rest assured I'll be on the lookout for other great tennis related items for you all.

ellesse Men's Retro Zip Tennis Jacket

ellesse Men's Sueded Retro Tennis Zip Jacket

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March 24, 2006

Keep On Top of the Modern Board and Social Game Revolution at

Criticalgamers BlogadIs your closet full of mid-century board game titles like Monopoly and Sorry!? Are you still answering questions about 1980's science and technology questions from a dusty version of Trivial Pursuit? The staff at can help move you from the drab repetitive gameplay of yester-year into the entertaining world of modern Eurogames and social card games.

Blogpire Productions is pleased to announce the addition of to our growing family of product- and category-specific Web logs. will provide news and reviews of social board games, Eurogames, and card games. Critcal Gamer's goal is to weed-out the mediocre from the slew of modern table top game titles, and to keep readers posted on what's new and popular in the world of social gaming.

At CriticalGamers

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March 17, 2006

Wilson Hosts First-Ever Racket Stringing Championship

Let's give a big congratulations to Scott Schneider of Las Vegas, who won the first ever world stringing championship with a time of 11:14. Pretty fast, but I think my brother Mike, had he known about it, might have been able to come close to that.

The event was shown live on the Tennis Channel. Scott is a local pro, and beat out the likes of French Open doubles champion and tennis analyst Luke Jensen and Thomas Blake (James' bro). His prize package included $1,000 cash, large screen Panasonic plasma television, Fender guitar, Wilson tennis equipment, one-year supply of Wilson string and the chance to qualify to string with Wilson at the 2006 US Open. Schneider, and all the contestants, strung Wilson’s nSix-One 95 racket with Wilson Reaction string. Not just that, but he got to hang out with the UNLV Rebel Cheerleaders. Not bad.

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HEAD launches Tour Team line of bags

HEAD has just launched the Tour Team Series of bags this month. Good looking stuff, there are 6 bags in all.

Tour Team Sport (SRP: $45)
Tour Team Backpack (SRP: $40)
Tour Team Combi (SRP: $50)
Tour Team SuperCombi (SRP: $60)
Tour Team Tennis (SRP: $75)
Tour Team Travel (SRP: $90)


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March 14, 2006 - Website Review


We came across Do It Tennis, a San Diego retailer, who recently launched its e-commerce site. It has the usual suspects of products: racquets, shoes, bags, apparel, grips and string. The site is "built on the premise that shopping online for tennis equipment and supplies should be quick and easy." The more interesting aspect that WATR wanted to check out was their “Profiler” feature, "a proprietary tool that helps tennis players find a racket that matches their level and style of play." We have to wasn't impressive, the questions in the profiler were common at best, assuming you know the answers.

Questions included:
What is your swing speed? Short and compact, Medium and powerful, Long and aggressive, I don’t know / No preference
I think you're going to get a lot of the "I don't know," this is something another person needs to tell you...

Which best describes your game? I cannot place the ball where I want it, I can place the ball where I want it about half the time, I can place the ball exactly where I want to most or all of the time
Who counts these things? And who remembers them after the fact?

What is your National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) rating?
BFD...please tell me what this has to do with the racquet?

OK...maybe we're being a little harsh...but DoItTennis is the one who sent out the press release touting its cutting edge "Profiler." The fact that its a simple database driven tool built around a survey with at best questions that not every player will know how to answer. Hey...we're with you that buying a racquet should be easy and simple...the Profiler just doesn't ring true as the solution.

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March 10, 2006



So...we're heart broken at the thought of one of our all time favorite players, Bjorn Borg, selling his 5 Wimbledon trophies. Broke or not, doesn't matter, it is sad. But leave it to our other favorite player, Jimmy Connors, to have the best idea yet. Connors has suggested the All England Club buy the trophies. Seems like the fans and Bjorn win in that scenario. Great idea Jimbo!

Read the story

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Checking out ellesse apparel

ellesse.jpgellesse USA today announced the launch of their Autumn/Winter 2005 tennis line, which includes the high performance, ADV Tennis and more fashion conscience Club Tennis collections. Both collections work well together to provide the consumer with style beyond performance. Read the release here.

WATR loves ellesse...not because of the absorbent prices...but because we're sentimental at heart, and long for the tennis of days past. That vision contains many images of Chris Evert with her steely stare and rock solid groundstrokes, always wearing ellesse (at least as far back as I can remember...).

So we didn't review all the new line, but we did go through the ellesse website and checked out what's there.

On the women's side, we liked the Tiziano striped polo and Parmigianno pleated skirt. Updated of our favorite looks. And the ADV Rosso top with mercadante skort is one hot look on the right player...

With the men, the ADV Correggio warm-up jacket is nice with a clean look. Tennis whites, when done right can really be striking. The ADV Pellegrino polo and Barocci warm-up pant are also not bad, but we're getting into "overdesigned" territory.

Which leads us to the ADV Maso zip-neck top and Tribolo pull-on short. New fabrics? Great. Funky design with zippers and modern cuts? Also cool. But for crying out loud...and we're talking to everyone here not just ellesse...try and keep things to a 1-2 colors. Take your cues from Nike and Lacoste. Clean is better...and a lot better than looking like a mardi gras costume...

Check out ellesse for tennis

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Tennis Magazine Names Wildcard Best Women's Shoe

evolution shoe.png

Wilson Racquet Sports was recently awarded “Editor’s Choice” from Tennis Magazine for the Wildcard shoe. The Wildcard, part of Wilson’s new Evolution line designed to meet the specific needs of players as their game evolves, was recognized by Tennis Magazine as “hands-down the most comfortable shoe our female playtesters wore.”

Read Morein Tennis Wire

Tennis Magazine

Wilson Racquet Sports

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Learn to Pick the Most Luscious Wines on the Planet for Under $20 at

Cheapfunwines-1We're pretty excited here at Blogpire Productions to tell you about our new site - Cheap Fun Wines.

How many times have you shelled out ten bucks for a bottle of wine only to have your hopes dashed when you poured the first glass? The staff at is here to help. They're goal is to find the most luscious bottles of affordable wine on the planet for under $20.

Kim and the staff at love wine. There is little in life that’s more fun for them than pouring a new wine or revisiting an old favorite.

What they don’t love is wine snobbery. At www.CheapFunWines they'll promise to write about wine in plain English and make fun of people who don’t. That said, they don't profess to be a wine experts. They're totally wine beginners - each with a keen sense of smell, a decent palate, a passion to learn, and a sense of humor.

For the past six years, the staff at has often trekked to wineries in Napa and Sonoma, trying dozens of reds and whites. Slowly, they've learned what they like (Full-bodied Cab and peppery Syrah) and don't like (Bombastic fruity Zin and overblown Chardonnay).

At CheapFunWines the staff won’t always be right. They won’t always use the proper wine vocabulary. But that’s OK. They're all learning together. So pop a cork and join them on a fun journey to a cheaper, better bottle of vino. And send them your favorites!


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March 8, 2006



From Tennis-X

Bjorg Borg says he's not selling his Wimbledon trophies because he's broke, but because, err, somebody might, you know, want to have them: "It's ridiculous to hear I'm selling the trophies because I need to survive, or to save my family. I can't understand why people can think I'm broke; the business is going well and there are new shops opening all the time. I have won so much and so many trophies. I can't keep track of everything. I thought the trophies and rackets might be something that someone might want to have. Wimbledon is the biggest thing you can win as a player, but I have got so many films and other things I can use to jog my memory. But if no one wants the trophies and the rackets, I will just take them back. I am thinking about giving the money from the sale to charity."...

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March 7, 2006

Prince’s O3 Hybrid Hornet gets Tennis Magazine™ Editors’ Choice Award

We've been covering the O3 line a lot, and we're glad to hear Prince has gotten some additional recognition. This is the second year in a row a Prince has received the award - you can see it in Tennis Magazine's upcoming April issue.


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March 6, 2006

The Tennis Channel Launches on DISH Network

DISH Network satellite TV service is now going to put The Tennis Channel, the world's only 24-hour network devoted to tennis and the lifestyle that surrounds it. DISH Network is the first to provide nationwide coverage of the Tennis Channel. The launch corresponds to the network's Tennis Channel Open in Las Vegas.

Tennis Channel

Dish Network

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March 5, 2006

To all the racquets I've loved before...

As I've mentioned, until last summer, I played with the Head Prestige Pros I've had since high school (15 yrs ago). What can I say, I'm a Jimmy Connors Wilson T2000 kind of guy. the latest issue of Tennis, there is an article about all the discontinued racquets out there. A trip down memory lane for sure. But the best part by far is that it shows the closest current-day equivalent!

Very cool...check out the article...


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March 3, 2006

Say it isn't so Bjorn...times can't be that bad can they???

So of my top 3 all time favorites, Bjorn Borg, is auctioning off his Wimbledon trophies. The Swedish tennis great will auction off his five Wimbledon trophies and two of his rackets. Borg is the only player to win five consecutive Wimbledon titles. He'll put his trophies on the block at the Bonhams auction house in London on June 21. He hopes to get between 200,000 pounds and 300,000 pounds.

Borg, who was voted Sweden's greatest athlete of the 20th century in his home country, said he is selling the memorabilia to improve his personal economy.

You could always get a talk show on Sweden's CNBC equivalent like Mac...well...I guess that didn't work so well...

Anyway...we at WATR hope you're getting on your feet Bjorn...we still think you rock!

Read the article

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$1M...for a racquet?!?!?!?

The Tennis Channel Open Unveils $1M Diamond Racquet (February 23, 2006)

"Diamonds and tennis have been together for years, but at the 2006 Tennis Channel Open in Las Vegas, Kwiat Diamonds, Wilson and The Tennis Channel will showcase "The Tennis Channel Kwiat Million Dollar Swinger" -- the first-ever $1 million diamond tennis racquet. The racquet was created for the 2006 Panasonic presents the Tennis Channel Open, the first professional tennis tournament in Las Vegas in 20 years scheduled for February 27-March 5, 2006."

From Tennis-X, read the article

Also mentioned on Diamond Intelligence

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