April 30, 2008

Tennis Equipment Q & A - The best racquet for your playing level

Q. What's the best type of tennis racket equipment for a beginning, intermediate and advanced adult player?

A: The two primary measurements of tennis rackets are power and control. These are the yin and yang of tennis racket design. The perfect balance of power and control for one player will be totally wrong for another. As a general rule, however, you can say that beginning players have smaller, more hesitant swings that do not generate lots of power. Beginners rely on the racket to generate this power for them and therefore need a racket that has a high power rating.

Conversely, you can say that advanced players have bigger, more aggressive swings that generate lots of head speed and power. They don't need a racket with a high power rating since they are doing this work themselves. What the advanced player needs is a racket that gives them more control over their shots.

Another basic tenet of racket design is that bigger racket heads give more power, and smaller heads give less power. Power is affected by many other design elements as well, but you can use this basic principle to start your search for the perfect racket.

Courtesy of Do It Tennis

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April 29, 2008

Babolat Announces New Tennis Shoe Models

babolat.jpgFrom Tennis News

Babolat, one of the leading manufacturers of tennis products, announces the release of two new high performance tennis shoes: the 2008 Propulse model for men and the new Propulse tennis shoe for women, the Propulse Lady.

The 2008 Propulse tennis shoe, Andy Roddick's signature shoe, has all the same innovative technological features as its predecessor: Exact Pro, offering quick reaction for recovery and rebound on every step, Michelin OCS allowing for better traction, and an improved Michelin Hi-Tech outsole offering more resistance to abrasion. With these three cutting edge innovations, the Propulse is the most dynamic and durable shoe in tennis.

- A real sensation of forefoot recovery in play

- A shoe that lasts 40% longer than others

- A shoe that offers instant comfort

- Also available in a junior model

- 2008 Propulse with new silver/black color

Babolat Lady's Footwear
Babolat Propulse Roddick Mens
Babolat Propulse Roddick Mens - Black
Babolat Junior Propulse

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April 29, 2008

Inaugural Prince Plugged In World Championships to Showcase Top Junior Tennis Academies In Competition

From Prince Sports:

The stage is set. Country champions have been crowned and now, for the first time ever, top junior tennis academies from six nations are on their way to Rome, Italy to determine which academy is the best of the best.

In four years, the ground-breaking Prince Plugged In (PPI) program has revolutionized junior competition, training and education and online interaction, by connecting nearly fifty of the world's most elite high-performance tennis academies.

Coaches and players who have been accepted into the PPI program share revolutionary training tips, equipment insights, match-play strategies, and engage in a year-long series of team competitions called Challenge Cups - designed to help players reach their full potential. It is at these Challenge Cup events where academies battle one another to accrue points which ultimately determine the top academy in each country.

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April 29, 2008

Mother's Day Tennis Gifts - On Sale No Less

Head Flexpoint 10
Head Flexpoint 10 - An oversize, power-oriented racquet. Offers a very powerful feel thanks to its 31mm width beam. Also, slightly lighter than the other FlexPoint frames. Best suited for players with shorter, compact strokes looking for power. Recommended for the 1.5-2.5 NTRP level players. Liquidmetal Technology: Liquidmetal material is applied to four strategic areas of the racquet's head and it is the only material that utilizes all the energy your swing generates. No energy is lost on ball impact due to its liquid atomic structure. Hole+Dimple=Flexpoint: These two precisely engineered holes, positioned at 3 and 9 o'clock on the racquet head, work together to bring power in control. The dimple is engineered to create flexibility by reducing beam height by a maximum of 25%. The hole reduces sectional stiffness up to 50%. The hole and dimple allow a player to harness maximum power and control it.

Dunlop M Fil Lady - A lightweight and maneuverable racquet engineered with the female player in mind. The M-FiL Lady features a stiff racquet hoop for power and stability, while the proven ISIS handle system protects the player from racquet shock and vibration. Ideally suited for players with moderate, powerful strokes. Recommended for the 3.0-4.5. ISIS: (Impact Shock Isolation System), in the racquet handle, dampens frame vibration and helps protect the arm from tennis elbow. Includes racquet and matching sling-pack racquet bag. Racquet bag features a single racquet-specific pouch and a main compartment that can be used for an additional racquet or gear and accessories

Balle de Match Women's Mandy Tech Top CLOSEOUT
Balle de Match Women's Desire Swing Skirt CLOSEOUT

Sergio Tacchini Women's Oralee Racer Tank w/ Interior Bra
Sergio Tacchini Women's Ondina Skirt w/ Interior shorts

And if all else fails, just get her a gift certificate - always a little less personal of course, but it ensures your mom gets what she really wants.

Gift Certificate $100

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April 28, 2008

Tecnifibre TF 7000 Stringing Machine

tecnifibre-tf-7000-stringing-machine.jpgNo matter what style you prefer, we don't think you can go wrong with a stringing machine that looks and performs as well as the Tecnifibre TF 7000. Tension-pull speed, allowing you to modify the tension head and guarantees you the correct speed, regardless of the tension you have chosen. Allows you also to reduce the speed when you tie knots. Its dual-clamp system enables fast and accurate stringing.

Some more specs:
weight - 40kg
length - 1000mm
width - 550mm
height - 300mm

See more stringing machines at the What's All The Racquet store.

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Vintage Tennis - adidas Tennis TC in Red, White and Blue

adidastennisctcheel.jpgFrom SneakerFiles.com:

Sporting Adidas' traditional three striped silhouette, this Tennis TC appears very subtle, but definitely appealing. The white, red, and blue color-way combines with the simple design to deliver a great overall shoe that has a lot to offer. In addition, the toe box is composed of suede and the tongue features a net embossed design.

Image from SneakerFiles.com.

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April 27, 2008

Shop for Roddick Gear and Help a Good Cause - All at the same time

Proceeds from all the new items in the AndyRoddick.com Proshop go to the Andy Roddick Foundation. Check it out.

From AndyRoddick.com

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Lobster Economy, Pneumatic Tennis Ball Machine

lobster pneumatic.jpgThis machine gives you a ton of value. It is not that expensive and it is very light. There are not a lot of bells and whistles, but if you're looking for a workhorse of a ball machine for a reasonable price, this is one to think about.

It uses a pneumatic tube, which uses air pressure instead of the "pitching wheel" to send balls over the net. Using this approach means fewer moving parts which means less breakdowns. Plus, it is a much more consistent placement of the ball - wheels can be inconsistent in the ball pattern (something I've learned first hand using a wheel-based Playmate ball machine, btw).


  • Oscillation: strikes one spot only

  • Shot Height: ground strokes to true lobs

  • Weight: 20 lbs

  • Ball Capacity: 50

  • Ball Speed: 55 mph-15 mph

  • Shot Intervals: 3, 6, 12 seconds

  • Power: 110 Volt

We looked around and this is about the best price we've found

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April 25, 2008

WATR Celebrates Earth Day All Week - HEAD Cool Earth

coolearth.jpgWATR covered HEAD's Cool Earth initiative at the beginning, but its worth mentioning again, being Earth "week" and all.

Cool Earth started in June 2007 aims to tackle the climate crisis in a cost-effective, mass membership way, long before governments are able to swing into action. It will enable individuals and groups including schools and businesses, to directly fund rainforest protection on a massive scale and safeguard this invaluable resource.

Cool Earth is looking to harness public opinion to put a fair value on the rainforests and stop global warming. Their help aims to not only protect the most endangered forest for the long-term but funds local conservation by local people. Sponsors of Cool Earth can view their plot with Google Earth, and there are 6,000 supporters already signed up, kudos.

You can support the HEAD Cool Earth effort by clicking here.

Or you can support HEAD by buying their tennis racquets, shoes, apparel and accessories.

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April 24, 2008

Davydenko's Racquet Switch Leads to Spike in Popularity of Prince O3

OZONE TOUR ANG- smaller.jpgTwo weeks ago, Nikolay Davydenko put together a string of wins at the Sony Ericsson Open beating Andy Roddick and Rafael Nadal en route to capturing the biggest title of his career. His play on court, combined with the romantic story of how he switched from the Ozone Tour to the denser string pattern of the Ozone Pro Tour prior to his first round match, and how he used the same frame to march through the draw, are becoming something of tennis lore. His results and outspoken affinity for his "new" O3 racquet, have not only led to a surge in his popularity but created a noticeable spike in demand for the racquet as well.

"While it is sometimes difficult to ascertain whether there is a direct correlation between an athlete's on court performance and sales success, this is proof positive that it can make an impact given the fact that in the week immediately following his win, demand for the Ozone Tour and Ozone Pro Tour jumped considerably," said Linda Glassel, Vice President of Marketing for Prince. "In fact, from the week prior to Davydenko's picking up the new frame to the week following his win, we saw demand increase by nearly four times. When a player truly feels that a racquet has made a difference, it validates that there is something special."

Davydenko playtested the Ozone Pro Tour between the Pacific Life Open and Sony Ericsson Open and liked the feel of the denser string pattern immediately. He went into the tournament with a couple of the new racquets in his bag but favored one frame in particular and stuck with it throughout the tournament. During the trophy presentation, Davydenko told on-court reporter Mary Joe Fernandez that he would "keep this racquet forever". While he may feel differently as Prince introduces him to newer models moving forward, what is for certain is that his decision to pick up the Ozone Pro Tour, with its 18 x 20 (denser) string pattern, coupled with his championship run have proved to be an extremely positive combination for a Prince brand that is already seeing strong growth and momentum in the market.

With the win, Davydenko became the first Russian ever to win this prestigious event. In speaking openly about how comfortable he was with the Ozone Pro Tour, Davydenko piqued the interest of players globally, continuing the buzz around Prince's visible O3 racquet technology. Today, there are over 100 touring pros using various racquet models with O3 technology, and nearly everyone who has made the switch to an O3 frame has improved his or her ranking.

According to Tom Russ, Director of Touring Pros for Prince, "Nikolay is very in tune with his equipment. He was one of the first players on tour to switch to O3 and knew immediately that the denser pattern would give him added control. Players are very aware of what O3 technology has done to raise the rankings of their peers and new players are asking which O3 frame might take their game to the next level."

Following his win in Miami, Davydenko then went on to reach the finals of the clay court tournament in Estoril, Portugal. More recently, at the U.S Clay Court Championships in Houston, Texas, in only his eighth ATP event, Marcel Granollers-Pujols won his first title, using the Ozone Tour to beat James Blake and move his ranking from #84 to #54.

Check out Prince O3 gear.

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WATR Celebrates Earth Day All Week - Wilson Racquet Sports' Green Initiative

Thumbnail image for wilson.pngLike most other tennis companies (all companies for that matter), Wilson Racquet Sports has their own Green Initiative. Theirs is a program committed to developing and implementing environmentally responsible products and manufacturing procedures across their major product categories.

Many key elements of the Green Initiative have already been recently implemented into the packaging and manufacturing processes of current Wilson products. For tennis balls, all PET Wilson tennis ball cans now contain a minimum of at least 25% post consumer recycled PET. For 2007 alone, Wilson anticipates this will result in a reduction of 330,000 pounds of landfill waste.

For Wilson's accessories and indoor racquet sports products, new changes in packaging and manufacturing processes are also being implemented. Wilson has already replaced the non-recyclable PVC packaging for their racquetball gloves with cardboard, a recyclable material. Additional packaging changes are being made to other indoor products such as protective eyewear for squash and racquetball that will reduce overall packaging waste. In addition, for Wilsons Evolution Footwear line, Wilson is introducing new recyclable footwear inserts that will be standard in all Wilson tennis shoes starting in 2008.

Support Wilson by buying their products.

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April 23, 2008

Wilson's Graphic Design Team Receives Award

Thumbnail image for wilson.pngWilson Sporting Goods Co.'s inhouse graphic design team has been awarded the 2008 American Inhouse Design Award presented by Graphic Design USA. The 2008 Wilson Racquet Sports Consumer Catalog has been specifically recognized as an outstanding marketing piece for design.

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WATR Celebrates Earth Day All Week - Prince & Greenslam

greenhome_r1_c1.jpgPrinceis a founding sponsor of GreenSlam, a program that aims to harness the power of sports to create socially responsible change with positive environmental impact. it was started last year by the sports' biggest social change-agent, Billie Jean King.

Unlike other one-off programs, this is an inclusive, expansive initiative that brings into the fold the strongest organizations and leaders from various industries around the globe, all focused on empowering millions of people. Like Billie Jean King, Prince is ready to take responsibility, make internal changes, and work together as part of the larger group to influence others and teach them to rethink, reuse, and recycle.

Prince will lead by example - understanding that to improve the environment and to ask others to sacrifice, it must continue to look at its own operations. Similar to what the company does in terms of product design, Prince will continue to innovate and deliver the freshest, most cutting edge thinking to its production, packaging, distribution, and administrative practices in order to continue to develop and execute eco-friendly processes.

In addition, the company will work as part of the Green Dream Team engaging in a variety of intitiatives including a largescale sports equipment recycling program that will help consumers take their old (and usually non-biodegradable) sporting goods equipment to drop-off centers, such as tennis clubs and stadiums, where they can be reused instead of being thrown away.

To support GreenSlam, click here.

Or support Prince for their good works by purchasing their tennis racquets, shoes, apparel and accessories.

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April 22, 2008

Hybrid Stringing Saves Money and Improves Performance

Thumbnail image for AshawayLineTwine.gifOr so says Ashaway's Steve Crandall. "Chronic string breakers and young and upcoming tennis players would do well to consider hybrid stringing," he says.

Why? Because "hybrid stringing...can not only improve a player's performance, it can also save them money. Hybrid stringing involves using one type of string for the racquet mains and another type for the crosses...Hybrid stringing has since become very popular among top players as a way to tailor racquet performance to their individual style of play."

Interesting money-saving point: "...younger players on tight budgets, as well as chronic string breakers, can use the technique to save money on string...The trick...is to buy string in bulk reels instead of individual sets."

Read more

Check out Ashaway strings here.

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WATR Celebrates Earth Day All Week - Organic Tennis T-shirts

organic tennis.gifHappy Earth Day! What better way to celebrate than to wear your belief in organic and eco-friendly materials on your tennis t-shirt. This comes from the aptly named, Organic Tennis, whose motto is "Tennis with a higher consciousness". The t-shirts are 100% combed organic cotton, plus they're soft and comfortable feel. The Organic Tennis logo "for the natural player" is located on the right sleeve.

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April 21, 2008

Lobster Elite 3 Battery Ball Machine

Thumbnail image for lobster elite 1.jpgIt may not look a heck of a lot like the Lobster Elite 2...but the Lobster Elite 3 Battery ball machinepacks quite a bit more whallop. This ball machine really does a good job of simulating match play. It also has vertical and two-line oscillation, which is enough to make the fittest pupil beg for mercy.

This is a durable and pretty light (44 lb) model, with the same cool, sleek design you saw in on the Elite 2. The hopper can hold 150 balls, and the battery life ranges from 4-8 hours so you're good to go for most of your teaching and drills.

  • Oscillation: Random / Horizontal / Vertical / Horizontal + Vertical
  • 2-Line Feature: Narrow / Wide
  • Speed : 80-10 mph
  • Ball Capacity: 150
  • Feed Rate: 2-10 sec.
  • Power: Battery
  • Court Time 4-8 hrs.
  • Elevation: Electronic 0-50 deg.
  • Weight: 44 lbs.
  • Spin: Top, back

See more ball machines at the What's All The Racquet store.

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WATR Celebrates Earth Day All Week - SIGG Water Bottles

sigg.jpgStop taking bottled water on to the court, leaving an empty plastic container to live forever in some landfill. Same money and the environment by refilling your SIGG Swiss Engineered Water Bottle.

This is not your everyday thermos. Its well-designed with meticulous Euro craftsmanshipm and they come in all sorts of funky and cool designs. Swiss-made, SIGG's are unbreakable, and they have a hygienic-special, non-toxic inner liner that is tested 100% safe and 0% leaching (although to be honest I'm not sure what that means). Plus, if you ever do get sick of your SIGG, they are 100%recyclable

Buy SIGG water bottles.

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April 20, 2008

Tecnifibre TF 8000 Stringing Machine

tecnifibre-tf-8000-stringing-machine.jpgThis is one of the "Big Kahunas" in the tennis racquet stringing world. It is used all over Europe and throughout the ATP Tour, including the French Open, Paris-Bercy, Berlin, Doha, and Marseille.

Why do many of the pro tournaments count on the Tecnifibre TF 8000? There are several reasons. One, the clutchable tension head allows you to pull a very short string. Two, it pre-stretches the string during tensioning - which is something professional stringing services look for.

Weight - 110 lbs/47kg
Length - 1050mm
Width - 560mm
Height - 360mm (adjustable)

Check out the Tecnifibre TF 8000 Stringing Machine.

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April 19, 2008

Tretorn Wagon Hits NYC

WellieWagonimage.jpgScandinavian clothing and design store [hus] and Tretorn have taken a page from the hot dog and soft pretzel vendors in NYC - selling Tretorn products from a wagon. The wagon's made from wooden boxes. To quote Cool Hunting, "expect...prices a little north of the average dirty water dog."

If you're in NYC, here's where the wagon will be:

19 April 2008
Jackson Square Park map
Intersection of 8th Ave and Greenwich Avenue

26 April 2008
Christopher Park map
Intersection of Grove and Christopher St

3 May 2008
Bleeker Street Playground map
Intersection of Bleecker and Hudson Street

Not in NYC and want to check out some Tretorns? Click here.

Image and heads up via Cool Hunting

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Saturday Squash - Ashaway Product News

AshawayLineTwine.gifA lot has been going on with Ashaway.

Primarily a string maker of strings for all racquet sports, they've branched out into footwear as well in the squash arena. Here is some recent news.

Ashaway Introduces New Line of AMPS™ Squash Shoes - Ashaway has introduced a new line of squash shoes that are anatomically molded to the natural shape of the human foot. Ashaway AMPS™ (Anatomic Multi-Performance System) athletic footwear supports the whole foot, not just the ball and heel, thus increasing comfort and stability, and reducing foot fatigue. Read more

New Ashaway SuperNick® XL Micro Squash String Provides Increased Durability, Improved Shot Making, and Stronger Brand Recognition
- Ashaway Racket Strings has improved its SuperNick® XL Micro squash string to provide increased durability, improved shot making, and stronger brand recognition.

By modifying the string's unique construction of nylon multifilament core and double-braided multifilament jacket, Ashaway has increased linear density of the finished string, resulting in superior durability for an 18 gauge string while still providing gut-like performance and excellent playability at lower tensions. Read More

Ashaway Racket Strings Introduces New Squash Shoe Model - Ashaway Racket Strings has introduced a new model to its growing line of squash shoes. Available for the fall season, the new Ashaway AST™ 5500i shoe is higher cut at the ankle with high-top lace eyelets, and incorporates a greater composition of leather throughout the upper portion for increased support. Like the other models in the Ashaway squash shoe line, the 5500i is built on Ashaway's unique Anatomic System Technology (AST) which increases comfort and stability and reduces foot fatigue. Read More

Ashaway squash gear.

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April 18, 2008

Youth Tennis Apparel: LMT Boys Classic Tennis Crew Shirts

Up and coming tennis stars need cool duds too, they all want to look like the 'big boys on the professional tour, and these short- and long-sleeved crews fit the bill. Made of 100% tech micropoly. Colors: White, White with Black Sleeve Stripe, White with Navy Sleeve Stripe.

lmt-boys-classic-tennis-crew-shirt.jpgLMT Boys Classic Tennis Crew Shirt

lmt-boys-classic-tennis-long-sleeve-crew-shirt.jpgLMT Boys Classic Tennis Long Sleeve Crew Shirt

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Vintage Tennis Friday: Adidas Stan Smith Canvas

stansmithcanvas.jpgAdidas continues to release styles under the Adidas Tournament Collection which consists of other vintage adidas models. These cool kicks have a canvas upper that looks off-white (I'm color blind) According to SneakerFiles, these are reported to be releasing on in the UK, but a U.S release date has not been confirmed.

Check out adidas Stan Smith footwear.

From SneakerFilesvia Crooked Tongues. Image via Crooked Tongues.

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April 17, 2008

U.S. Sporting Goods Sales Continue To Outperform National GDP

The economy may be going through a tough time, but it doesn't seem to be hurting the sporting goods industry too much. My guess is that when times are tough, people look for value in entertainment, and although there is an initial outlay for equipment, its not that expensive to play once you have it.

In 2007, total manufacturers' sales (in wholesale dollars) for the sporting goods and fitness industry in the U.S. grew at an annual rate of 3.3%. While down from higher growth rates in 2005 (6.8%) and 2006 (5.8%), the sporting goods industry has continued its streak of outperforming GDP for non-durable goods which was 2.2% -- according to the U.S. government in 2007. Read the whole press release or learn more at SGMA.

According to Tenniswire.org, there is more good news - tennis has both the GDP and the sporting goods category beat with a 6.5 percent increase. They note, and we agree, that it appears that all the TV coverage, marketing efforts and grassroots work is still paying off.

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Mardy Fish & K-Swiss Having a Great Summer Season So Far

fish+houston+2.jpgMardy Fish is complementing his on-court resurgence with some nice new threads from K-Swiss, including the K-Swiss Ultracell Polo and the K-Swiss Accomplish Court Short.

Check out K-Swiss tennis apparel here.

From Down The Line, image via AP

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April 16, 2008

Babolat Pure Drive Cortex Racquet Review

babolat puredrive.jpgGood, brief review of the Babolat Pure Drive Cortex today at Daily Racket.

"An update to the legendary Babolat Pure Drive Team, the new Pure Drive with Cortex utilizes a vibration filter called Cortex at the top of the handle that is designed to reduce harmful racquet vibrations without filtering out the feedback required for feel. The result of filtering unnecessary vibrations is what Babolat calls a 'pure feel.'" Read more

Learn more about the Babolat Pure Drive Cortex

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April 15, 2008

Prince Americas Names New President

Prince 361.jpgPrince Sports, Inc. is proud and excited to announce that John Embree will be joining the Company as its new President of Prince Americas, leading the charge for the brand in the United States, Latin America and Canada and reporting directly to Chairman and CEO of Prince Sports, Inc. George Napier.

Check out Prince racquets and more at the Whats All The Racquet store.

ArrowContinue reading: "Prince Americas Names New President"

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April 14, 2008

Tennis Anyone? Archive Tennis Girl Tshirt by adidas

tennis anyone.jpg
adidas Originals - Archive Tennis Girl Tee

You know how we love retro tennis. So we couldn't resist this tshirt from adidas' Originals collection. This print actually comes from the adidas tennis archives of 1977. Crewneck collar. Tennis girl graphic on center chest in intense pink. 100% modal single jersey.

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Enter to Win a HEAD MG 125 Squash Racquet

Thumbnail image for ramy.jpgClick here to enter to win Ramy Ashour's weapon of choice!

Ramy's not the only HEAD pro doing well this year. HEAD's MicroGel series for squash has become the choice for seven of the top 100 world ranked squash players, including PSA players Mohammed Azlan Iskandar and WISPA player Line Hansen. Ashour recently came off an injury to win the Bear Stearns Tournament of Champions and the 2008 PACE Canadian Squash Classic.

Check out HEAD squash gear here.

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Tecnifibre TF 6000 Stringing Machine

tf6000.jpgBesides being an aesthetically attractive stringing machine that isn't an eyesore in your pro shop, garage or living room, the Tecnifibre TF 6000 sports a dual-clamp system that guarantees a fast and efficient stringing experience, and an adjustable stand so you can adjust the height to fit your situation.

The other specs:

  • Weight - 36kg

  • Length - 1050mm

  • Width - 530mm

  • Height - 350mm

Check out the Tecnifibre TF 6000 Stringing Machine

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April 13, 2008

Maria Sharapova Wins Bausch & Lomb Championships

2008 Australian Open Champ Keeps Wins Coming for O3 Racquet Technology

BL.jpgLast week, Nikolay Davydenko captivated the tennis world with his win at the Sony Ericsson Open - raving about how his Prince Ozone Pro Tour helped him capture the second Masters title of his career. This week, Maria Sharapova showed that O3 racquets continue to help players on the WTA tour as well, using her O3 White to win the 2008 Bausch and Lomb Championships in Amelia Island, South Carolina Sunday.

For Maria, who took some time off after capturing her third career Grand Slam title earlier this year at the Australian Open, the Bausch and Lomb Championships marked her return to action. She showed her true grit and talent by battling through two tough three-set matches before beating Dominika Cibulkova 7-6, 6-3 in the final for her third title this year.

ArrowContinue reading: "Maria Sharapova Wins Bausch & Lomb Championships"

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HEAD Tennis Re-Signs Donald Young

young.pngHEAD announced today that the company has re-signed an agreement with young tennis standout Donald Young. The partnership begins immediately and will continue through 2010.

Coached by his parents Donald Sr. and Ilona, Young, who plays with a Head MicroGel Radical Midplus, holds a current ranking of No. 77 and is the youngest Top 100 player in ATP rankings.

Eighteen-year-old Young was recently a Quarter Finalist at the 2008 Regions Morgan Keegan Championship in Memphis and already reached the 3rd round of a Grand Slam at the 2007 U.S. Open in Flushing Meadows.

At the age of sixteen, Young became the youngest No. 1 player in the ITF Junior rankings in 2005. Young also won the Junior Australian Tournament the same year and the Junior Wimbledon Tournament in 2007.

Check out the Head MicroGel Radical Midplus

Check out HEAD's website.

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Diadora, adidas, Reebok Women's Tennis Shoes for Spring

Spring is without question in the air (except in those unfortunate places where its still snowing...). So you need new kicks to hit the outdoor tennis season. Here are some great choices for women's tennis shoes - from the usual suspects (adidas, Reebok) and also a Diadora or two thrown in.
Diadora - Speed Tech W (White/Pink Shell) - Footwear

Diadora - Speed Tech W (White/Pink Shell) - Footwear

  • Flexible and versatile

  • Synthetic micro-fiber upper is lightweight and ultra-soft.

  • Synthetic toe overlay delivers durable resistance to abrasion due to toe drag.

  • Fully lined and treated with special anti-bacterial treatment.

  • Removable, anatomically shaped, cushioned ErgoFit insole comprised of a shock absorbing EVA foam network in the metatarsal area and a hard EVA cup in the heel for stability.

  • Molded high-end EVA foam, together with Double Action insert in the heel and forefoot, enhances flexibility and disperses sole pressure.

  • Gummy-rubber DA in the heel provides shock absorption.

  • Air Flow grid ensures proper forefoot flexion while offering midfoot stability and breathability.

  • Lightweight outsole incorporates Axeler Technology that dramatically improves forefoot flexibility while providing midfoot stability.

  • The outsole has been enhanced with Duratech 5000 special anti-abrasion rubber compound throughout for durability.

adidas - Tirand II W (White/Metallic Silver/Light Baja) - Footwear

adidas - Tirand II W (White/Metallic Silver/Light Baja) - Footwear

  • Focuses on durability, comfort and midfoot support.

  • adiTUFF for abrasion resistance in the toe area.

  • Synthetic leather upper for lightweight durability.

  • Textile lining and EVA insole for comfort.

  • 3-D TORSION for midfoot integrity.

  • adiPRENE insert for comfort and shock absorption.

adidas - Ambition Str III W (White/Light Baja/Shade Grey) - Footwear

adidas - Ambition Str III W (White/Light Baja/Shade Grey) - Footwear

  • Quality, comfort and functionality for the recreational tennis player.

  • Full-grain leather upper for comfort and feel.

  • Textile lining.

  • Injected EVA insole and midsole for comfort and long-term cushioning.

  • adiWEAR outsole for durability in high-wear areas.

adidas - Barricade IV W (White/Light Aqua/Metallic Silver) - Footwear

adidas - Barricade IV W (White/Light Aqua/Metallic Silver) - Footwear

  • Light with a snug, supportive fit.

  • Synthetic leather upper for light weight and durability.

  • Textile lining.

  • Molded EVA insole for anatomical comfort.

  • adiPRENE insert for comfort and shock absorption.

  • EXTENDED TORSION for midfoot and forefoot integrity.

  • Feathered construction allowing for ultimate performance in multi-directional sports.

Reebok - Stadium Court (White/Slate/Silver/Seagull) - Footwear

Reebok - Stadium Court (White/Slate/Silver/Seagull) - Footwear

  • Upper support design provides lateral support and stability.

  • DMX Foam for cushioning.

  • PLAYDRY lining for moisture management.

  • EVA midsole provides shock absorption.

  • Removable, ventilated sockliner for cushioning and breathability.

  • Accommodates orthotics.

Diadora - Axelerate Plus W (White/Classic Navy) - Footwear

Diadora - Axelerate Plus W (White/Classic Navy) - Footwear

  • For the player looking for a durable, comfortable shoe.

  • Soft, full grain leather upper.

  • Lining with special anti-bacteria treatment.

  • Removable, anatomically shaped, cushioned ErgoFit insole. Molded EVA foam midsole with Engage.

  • Axeler Air Flow grid ensures proper forefoot flexion while offering midfoot stability and breathability.

  • Lightweight outsole incorporates Diadoras revolutionary Axeler Technology that improves forefoot flexibility while ensuring midfoot stability.

  • Duratech 5000 special anti-abrasion rubber compound throughout for durability.

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Protective Plastic Racquet Bags

plastic bags.jpgOK...have you ever been watching tennis on TV when one of the players breaks a string. They run over to the sidelines, reach into their bag and pull our a new racquet that is sheathed in a big plastic bag. Ever wonder what the deal was with those bags? I have, I always figured they were just something the pro stringers used. But it turns out that its not just for the pros. The bags are made of plastic, are 36 inches long and 16 inches wide.

Check out these protective plastic racquet bags.

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April 12, 2008

Lobster Elite 1 Battery Ball Machine

lobster elite 1.jpgBesides its ability to hit a variety of speeds, heavy spin and lobs, this ball machine also is one of the coolest, sleekest models we've seen. Some ball machines are big clunky boxes you struggle to wheel around. Not the Lobster Elite 1. Its ergonomic design allows for easy transportation with a full hopper. Its light, can hit corner-to-corner, and the battery holds 4-8 hours of court time. Couple that with 80 mph ground strokes, a ball capacity a 150 feed, and a weight of only 42 lbs, and this is a killer ball machine.

Check out the Lobster Elite 1

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Learn the "Flying Forehand"

HEAD takes a look at one of the most spectacular of all shots, the "Flying Forehand."

This "most demanding strike of all the many forehand attacking possibilities in terms of sheer coordination is the flying variant" can be seen here in photos and instructions, and also here if you'd like to see a more dynamic video.

Check out HEAD tennis gear here.

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April 11, 2008

Sharapova's New Nike Threads at Amelia Island

sharapova+amelia+island+4.jpgWe previewed Maria Sharapova's Spring Nike apparel a couple weeks ago, and thanks to Down the Line, we have that outfit in action at Amelia Island.

Check out more Nike apparel here.

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It's a Spring String Thing

Klip Atomic (Kevlar) 16g Reel (330 ft/100 m)
Spring is in the air, we're all getting the kinks worked out of our games (unless you were good and played a lot indoors), which means our frequency of playing is increasing. More playing equals more broken strings, so you better stock up now. Here are some great options:

Dunlop Explosive Polyester 16g
Dunlop Explosive Polyester 17g

Fischer Poly Pro 17g
Klip Atomic (Kevlar) 16g Reel (330 ft/100 m)
Klip Hardcore 16Lg
Klip KBoom 16g
Klip Kicker 17g

Prince Syn Gut Original 16g
Prince Syn Gut with Duraflex 17g Reel
Prince Lightning XX 16g Reel

Tecnifibre NRG2 17g Reel
Tecnifibre Pro Red Code 16g
Tecnifibre Polyspin 16g

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April 10, 2008

HEAD MicroGel Most Used Technology on ATP Tour

murray.jpgAccording to HEAD, 25% of pro tennis players in the Top 100 play with a HEAD MicroGel racquet. Why? They say because the MicroGel "technology maximizes the responsive qualities of the racquet to create a rock solid feel and explosive spin, catering to today's modern tennis player. On ball impact, HEAD MicroGel material deforms and compresses, absorbing and dispersing the impact to the entire frame, then returning quickly to its original shape."

head microgel.jpgThey also mention the favorable coverage by German Tennis magazine.

Regarding the HEAD MicroGel Radical Team:

  • "fantastic control and great power"

  • "the most precise racquet in the test"

  • "crisp playability, fantastic control and great power compared to other racquets of the same construction."

Regarding the HEAD MicroGel Extreme Team:

  • "extreme spin"

  • "would be a great fit for younger players"

  • "the arm protection is impressive"

  • "The big head size also enables a big sweet spot."

Buy the HEAD MicroGel Radical Team
Buy the HEAD MicroGel Extreme Team


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Racquet Sports Industry "Person of the Year" Joins Prince

Prince Sports, Inc.is pleased to announce that Max Brownlee has joined the Company as its new Regional Vice President of Sales for the Western USA. Max, who is well known and well respected throughout the tennis industry, comes to Princefrom Babolat USA. Prior to that, Brownlee served in many different capacities at both Princeand Wilson for more than twenty years.

ArrowContinue reading: "Racquet Sports Industry "Person of the Year" Joins Prince"

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Three Head Tennis Bags Under $40

Head Extreme Combi Bag - $29.99
-Dimensions: L x W x H= 29" x 8" x 12"
-Two racquet compartments for 4-6 racquets
-Accessory pocket for MP3/CD player
-Adjustable, padded shoulder straps
-End handle to hold upright
-Climate Control Technology, a thermal foil that helps to protect the contents of the pocket from extreme temperatures, thereby reducing the risk of damage.

Thumbnail image for head-extreme-supercombi.jpg
Head Extreme Supercombi - $39.99
- Dimensions: L x W x H= 29" x 13" x 12"
- Two racquet pockets (8-10 racquets)
- Climate Control Technology
- Padded accessory pocket
- Double padded backpack straps
- Padded end handle to hold upright
- Separate shoe/wet pocket & protected eyewear pocket

Thumbnail image for head-flexpoint-radical-06-tennis-bag.jpg
Head Flexpoint Radical '06 Tennis Bag - $39.99
- Dimensions: L x W x H= 29" x 13" x 12"
- Huge main compartment with interior accessory pouch
- Can hold 8-10 racquets comfortably
- Climate Control Technology
- External racquet compartment
- Accessory pocket for MP3/CD player
- Integrated shoe compartment
- Wet compartment with breathable mesh vent
- Adjustable, padded shoulder strap

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April 9, 2008

First look at Nike Tennis Classics shoe package

fragmenttennisclassic.jpgNever to be outdone by rival adidas (see adidas Tournament Pack brings the tennis classics back!), we have a first look of the Nike Tennis Classic Pack - which includes Tennis Classics in gray, blue and "bordeaux" which is a fancy way to say "maroon." The kicks are suede and an outlined Swoosh without stitching. In addition, a small stamp from the designers, Fragment Design< is stamped on the back of the heel. So they aren't a direct parallel to the adidas classics really, we'd rather have seen them in the classic looks. No official release date yet.

From SneakerFiles

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Sharapova & Federer in Hong Kong Nike Ad

Well, traditional advertising may be dead or dying, but Nike still sure knows how to make a TV ad that gets you itching to go workout, play or compete. Here's a new Nike ad for the Hong Kong market which shows Sharapova and Federer training.

Thanks to Down the Line for the heads up.

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April 8, 2008

Polo Olympic Tennis Apparel - First Look

polo+olympics.jpgDown the Line provided a first look at the thread the US Olympic Team will be wearing this year in Beijing. Polo Ralph Lauren got the gig, and in true Polo fashion, has gone to the classics, which we like a lot.

A little more from the Wall Street Journal today:

At the Olympic Village and at the Closing Ceremonies, athletes' wardrobes will include V-neck tennis sweaters and ties, classic Polo mesh shirts with "Beijing" written in big Chinese characters across the front and cargo pants -- all in a patriotic palette of red, white and blue. The Olympic logo featured on the new uniforms may include a replica of a crest with stars and stripes used by the 1932 U.S. Olympic team at the Los Angeles Games. Polo ponies of varying sizes will also make an appearance on the garments.

In keeping with Olympic tradition, the athletes' Opening Ceremonies attire won't be revealed until Aug. 8 -- the day of the Opening Ceremonies.

More Polo Ralph Lauren Tennis here.

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Boris Becker Racquets On Sale

Well, technically they're Volkl's made on behalf of Boris Becker, but you already knew that. But at $79.99 and $69.99, these are great deals on solid sticks.

Boris Becker / Volkl BB 10 - $79.99
Boris Becker / Volkl BB 5 - $69.99

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April 7, 2008

Sony Ericsson Open Product Recap


Big weekend for Prince, to say the least.

Men's Singles Champion: Nikolay Davydenko
Racquet - Prince OZone Pro Tour
Shoes - Prince OV1 footwear
Apparel - Airness

Men's Singles Finalist: Rafael Nadal:
Racquet: Babolat AeroPro Drive Cortex
Shoes - Nike Air Max Breathe Cage
Apparel - Nike

Women's Singles Champion: Serena Williams:
Racquet - Wilson K-Blade Team
Shoes - Nike Air Max Smash
Apparel - Nike

Women's Singles Finalist: Jelena Jankovic:
Racquet - Prince O3 Speedport Pro White
Shoes - Reebok Women's KFS Pump Advantage
Apparel - Reebok

Men's Doubles Champions: Bob and Mike Bryan
Racquet - Prince o3 Speedport Black
Shoes - adidas Barricade V
Apparel - adidas Competition Series

Men's Doubles Finalists:
Mahesh Bhupathi and Mark Knowles
Racquet - Wilson Hyper ProStaff 6.1
Shoes - Nike Air Court Implosion Mid

Women's Doubles Champions:
Ai Sugiyama
Racquet - Prince o3 Speedport Black
Shoes - Nike Air Max Breathe Free
Apparel - Nike

Katarina Srebotnik
Racquet - Prince o3 Speedport Black
Shoes - Asics Gell Resolution
Apparel - Asics

Women's Doubles Finalists:
Liezel Huber
Racquet - Prince Ozone Pro Tour
Shoes - K-Swiss Women's Ascendor SLT
Apparel - K-Swiss

Cara Black
Racquet - Wilson K-Six One
Shoes - K-Swiss Women's Ascendor SLT
Apparel - K-Swiss

Other Sony Ericsson posts at WATR:
Davydenko Wins Biggest Title of Career with New Prince Shoes & Racquet
Nikolay Davydenko Wears Prince (and History) Into Sony Ericsson Final Today
Fila squeezes some lime into umpires' clothes

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April 6, 2008

Davydenko Wins Biggest Title of Career with New Prince Shoes & Racquet

prince-ozone-pro-tour-tennis-racquet.jpgWe touched on this this morning, but its worth bringing up again, especially based on Davydenko's 6-4, 6-2 schooling of Rafael Nadal this afternoon. We wouldn't be so bold as to say that a racquet and shoe switch could cause the biggest tourney win and two of the biggest single's wins (Nadal & Roddick) of the world #4's life, but it doesn't seem to have hurt. Davydenko switched the the slightly larger Ozone Pro Tour (with denser string pattern as well) and donned the new Prince OV1 shoes.

BTW, if I were Prince I'd be pretty excited at Davydenko's hat change in the second set. For the first set, and the very beginning of the second, Davydenko wore the cap of his apparel sponsor, Airness. But as the match continued to solidify in Nikolay's favor, on came the white cap with the Prince "O" prominently on the front.

Prince Ozone Pro Tourat Amazon for $179.99

Prince OZone Pro Tour at Do It Tennis for $179.99

More Prince Tennis Gear hereand here.

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Review: Playmate Ace Basic Ball Machine

PlaymateAceBasic.jpgMy tennis game is admittedly a little rusty these days, so I decided what better way to work it out than on a ball machine. So I tried out the Playmate Ace Ball Machine. I won't go into detail about my poor physical conditioning, but suffice its to say its not good. But you want to hear the skinny on the machine, so here you go.

The Playmate Ace is a pretty large machine, it holds 200+ balls depending on how many you want to stuff in there. If you're using this by yourself, which I was, this means about 10-15 minutes of hitting at a steady pace non-stop. I stopped before the hopper ran out.

You can set the spin from flat to topspin to backspin, control the elevation, and you can oscillate the shots. I found the oscillation to be a bit inconsistent, but I suppose if its truly random that's to be expected. I would have personally rather had a more balanced ratio of forehands to backhands, mine seemed to be very heavy on the backhand.

You can also adjust the ball frequency and speed. It took some getting used to to balance the spin, speed and elevation to get it just where I wanted it. Full disclosure: I used this at public courts and the remote control was missing. The remote would have made this much more easily managed. However, overall its quite easy to operate, and its relatively light (a little under 100 lbs).

This is a solid machine for teaching pros and tennis facilities, and it offers nearly all the intervals, directions, elevations, and trajectories you will need. And with a few minor complaints, it worked very well for me.

Playmate Ball Machines
Playmate Ace Ball Machine
Playmate Genie Ball Machine
Playmate Portable Ball Machine
Playmate Serve Lift
Playmate Smash Ball Machine

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Nikolay Davydenko Wears Prince (and History) Into Sony Ericsson Final Today

Sony Ericsson.jpgIf you're watching today's men's final of the Sony Ericsson between Nikolay Davydenko and Rafael Nadal, you'll notice two things. One, it is the first time that a man from either country has captured the Miami title in its 24-year history. Two, you'll see that Davydenko has switched to the Prince Ozone Pro Tour for this tournament. According to Prince sources, the Ozone Pro Tour is the same cosmetic he has been using but in a denser string pattern. Not only is he using a new Prince frame, but this is his first tournament playing in Prince's new O-Series footwear as Nikolay has been wearing the OV1 shoe throughout the tournament.

Don't believe the new stick is making Nikolay happy? Here is an excerpt from his post-match interview after his win over Roddick:

Q. You didn't start that well. Why are you playing so well here? Because against Tipsarevic you also played well.
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: Because I change racquets here after Indian Wells. I have the same racquet, Prince, just -- I have before 16 string; now 18 string. Now I have more control.

Q. What is the racquet? What kind of racquet?
NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: Prince. It's the same Prince, just only 18 string. Little bit more string and I have more control.

Prince Ozone Pro Tourat Amazon for $179.99

Prince OZone Pro Tour at Do It Tennis for $179.99

More Prince Tennis Gear hereand here.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

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April 5, 2008

Tennis Elbow Helpers

Sadly, I'm reaching an age where I'm starting to feel more aches and pains than I ever did before, and one of those is in my elbow. I'm pretty sure its tennis elbow, but I'm not 100% sure yet. But I came across two products from "Dr. Ortho," which seems like a legit enough name...so if you're in the same boat I am in, check them out.

EPI-Sport Tennis Elbow Forearm Clasp

EPI-Sport Tennis Elbow Forearm Clasp - $31.95

A tennis elbow brace that holds the forearm tendons in a more parallel position to minimize stretching and tearing. Helps speed healing and relieves pain and discomfort. Lining absorbs shock and keeps moisture away from skin. Specs: Black, X-Small-X-Large, Shock-Absorbing Liner, Keeps Moisture Away From Skin, Clasp Design Provides Dual Compression

Gel-Band Tennis Elbow Arm Band

Gel-Band Tennis Elbow Arm Band - $19.95

While John Edwards look-alike in the image above may be enough for you to try out one of these bands, you should also take note of what it can do for your tennis elbow too. Its worn just below the elbow joint while at rest or during activity, this armband applies focused compression to the tendon without restricting circulation. It eliminates stress and helps reduce inflammation and pain. Includes a patented gel cell that can be removed and heated/chilled for thermal therapy on acute and chronic injuries. Helps reduce nagging pain and speeds healing. Specs: Beige or Black, Universal sizing, Patented Gel Cell For Hot/Cold Therapy, Helps Reduces Inflammation and Pain, Gel Cell Insert Focusses Compression.

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April 4, 2008

Fila squeezes some lime into umpires' clothes

linesmen-fila-miami08.jpgAt the Sony Ericsson Open, Fila outfitted the umpires in sharp-looking lime green shirts. Funny note, Tennis Served Fresh accurately notes that Fila should make sure the clothes actually fit next year.

Check out Fila gear here.

From Tennis Served Fresh

(Photo courtesy of Fila)

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Vintage Tennis Friday: Spring Court Tennis Sneakers

Spring+Court+Brochure+NEW.xxxlarge+2.jpg.jpgSpring Court tennis sneakers first hit the scene way back in 1936, when French greats like The Four Horsemen (Jean Borotra, Jacques Brugnon, Henri Cochet, René Lacoste) wore them. Well, they're back, complete with their trademark features, such as the four holes on the either side of the sole, a removable insole and arch support. So they have natural ventilation.
Spring Courts became pop culture items as well, but we'll leave that to Down the Line to explain.

Check out the site here.

Images from SpringCourtUSA.com via Down The Line

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April 3, 2008

Babolat launching women's version of Andy Roddick's Propulse Sneaker

propulse_lady_08_2.jpgThe latest version of the award-winning Babolat Propulse, the shoe of choice for Andy Roddick, is made just for women. What's that mean? Well, its thinner and better suited for the shape a woman's foot. But like the men's version, it has Michelin OCS for better traction, and an improved Michelin Hi-Tech outsole for more resistance to abrasion.

These should be available any day now, if not already. Go to babolat.com for more info.

Check out Babolat gear here.

From Daily Racquet

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Prince Creates New Role in Company Dedicated to Playtesting

Prince Furthers Company's Commitment to Product Innovation and Validation

New Product Validation and Technical Expert to Ensure Very Best Products Reach Players

Bordentown, NJ - April 3, 2008 - There are many factors that play a role in a company's experiencing 37 out of 40 months with growth and continuing to gain market share. However, the biggest factor is ensuring that the best and right product continuously gets made and ends up in the hands, on the feet or on the body of players. To do that, and to do it better than anyone else, makes all the difference. Princecontinues to be the leader when it comes to performance technology, innovation and research and development and has, in the last few years, brought to market some of the most popular new products. Now, as a sign of its further commitment to developing superior products, the Company has hired Kevin Stayart to oversee product playtesting and validation for Prince's tennis products in the United States.

This newly formed position is designed specifically to take Prince's product validation process to the next level - examining every minute detail in order to ensure that Prince players continue to have the most elite performance equipment available and every opportunity to perform to their best ability. While components of this job have been conducted previously by various people within the organization, with a full pipeline of its most ground-breaking innovations on the way, Prince felt it necessary to bring on someone who could be completely dedicated to managing and improving upon the Company's already stellar testing and product validation process.

ArrowContinue reading: "Prince Creates New Role in Company Dedicated to Playtesting"

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Vintage Tennis: Borg & McEnroe Spoofed Again!

borgmcenroe spoof 2.jpgRemember a week or so ago the Marc Jacobs spoof that featured 1970's Borg and McEnroe stand-ins (McEnroe & Borg in Fake Marc Jacobs Ad)? Well, the originators are at it again, this time spoofing New York Magazine.

From Tennis Served Fresh

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April 2, 2008

Adidas Tournament Edition Classic Vulc

adidasvulc.jpgWe touched on the adidas Tournament Edition line back on March 13, telling you about the release of the adidas tennis shoe models that we based on the originals worn by tennis legends when they were competing. So let's look at the adidas Tournament Edition Classic Vulc. Beige, garment-washed canvas with Blue paint splatter. Hmmm...I don't remember the paint splatter back in the 1970s...

Thank you SneakerFiles!

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Prince Tennis' Aerotech Apparel Now Available, Gaining Fast Following

A. Montanes.jpgRecently Prince relaunched its entire apparel business with the introduction of its first line of Aerotech performance apparel - the spring 2008 line. In response to the launch, more and more touring pros are making the switch to wearing Aerotech apparel in competition. Read the press release below:

More Touring Pros Choosing to Don Prince Duds on Court
New Aerotech Line of Apparel Now Available and Gaining Fast Following Among Players

Bordentown, NJ - April 1, 2008 - Performance. Fit. Quality. Fashion. Buzz words for some, but for Prince these are benchmarks. At the end of the day, these really are the factors that matter most to frequent, knowledgeable tennis players and what differentiates tennis clothes from performance tennis apparel. That is why, after only a few months since its introduction, Prince's new Aerotech line of performance apparel is quickly becoming the on court choice among the most discerning tennis players in the world - touring pros - many of whom had worn other brands previously but are now making the switch.

ArrowContinue reading: "Prince Tennis' Aerotech Apparel Now Available, Gaining Fast Following"

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50 Great Things you Never Knew you Could do with Tennis Balls

tennis-ball-pencil-holder.jpgBack on March 29, we posted about how tennis balls may be able to help your laundry endeavors (Tennis Balls can help your clothes dryer work better). But did you also know you could keep gnats and flies away from you by covering a tennis ball in Vaseline, use them to make pencil/mail/phone holder, or donate them to nursing homes for use on walkers? Life Hackery actually lists 50 great things you can do with tennis balls, check it out.

Image from Life Hackery

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April 1, 2008

Tennis Participation Is On The Rise!

Thumbnail image for tia logo.jpgTIA reports that frequent participation in tennis has increased 15.1% since 2003.

See the latest TIA news and updates in every issue of Racquet Sports Industry magazine.

From the Tennis Industry Association

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Prince Launches New AAA Apparel

apparel_aerotech_topbanner.jpgPrince has unveiled its new apparel line. It sports "Aerotech," which is an new fabric and construction system designed and engineered for performance without sacrificing looks.

The Aerotech system combines three distinct high performance benefits called Aerofit - advanced fabrics move and stretch with the body for maximum comfort and mobility; Aeroshield - penetrates fibers for all-around protection against harmful outside elements like UV rays and bacteria, and Aerovent - technical materials combined with precisely located cooling zones deliver superior ventilation and moisture management. Along with the latest design concepts these fabrics and benefits are included in three distinct apparel collections, Gold, Silver and Black Label.

Unfortunately, the "flexipage" technology that Prince is using to showcase their new apparel collection isn't loading properly, so unfortunately I'm not able to really look at the collection at this time or show any pics. I'll try back later and report.

Go to PrinceTennis.com

From Daily Racquet

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Another New Stan Smith Style - Vulcanized in Green/Sand

adidasstansmithvulcanizedbox.jpgWith such a basic design and a clssic look, Stan Smith's are an easy shoe to continue to customize for fashion purposes. Here's another, this time with a hunter green upper with contrasting sand color pops. The vulcanized sole is also a departure from the traditional cupsole on Stan Smiths.

Read more of WATR's coverage of Stan Smith sneakers:
Vintage Tennis Fridays - Stan Smiths
Stan Smith II - Camo
adidas Tournament Pack brings the tennis classics back!
Vintage Tennis Thursdays? Perforated Stan Smith II
More adidas Stan Smith styles - Sleek & Superstar Vintage

From SneakerFiles

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Four Reebok Styles under $30

RBK Men's Pump Match Day (Black/Silver)
RBK Men's Pump Match Day - $19.99
Designed and engineered for Andy Roddick, the men's Pump Match Day tennis shoe showcases The Pump™ which infaltes around your mid-foot area providing you with a personalized fit and support. The herringbone outsole and carbon rubber heel strike deliver durable traction, while the upper support design ensures lateral support and stability.

RBK Men's Put Away - $29.99
This lightweight performance shoe offers out of the box comfort and a cushioned ride. The clean and classic style combines with modern performance technologies and makes the Put-Away an attractive choice for all levels of competition.

Reebok Women's Upset DMX (White/Navy/Silver)
Reebok Women's Upset DMX - $29.99
This well-cushioned shoe is comfortable out of the box, offers great ventilation and helps keep your feet feeling great till the last point. Ideal for players that are looking for a durable, lightweight and very stable shoe.

Reebok Women's Upset DMX - $29.99
This well-cushioned shoe is comfortable out of the box, offers great ventilation and helps keep your feet feeling great till the last point. Ideal for players that are looking for a durable, lightweight and very stable shoe.

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McEnroe's Nike Sneakers Features in Men's Vogue


This month's Men's Voguefeatures a brief story about the history behind John McEnroe's current Nike sneakers - the Nike Air Zoom Mo GT Court.

During a trip to Nike's Portland headquarters in 1983, where an innovation group was sharing the latest training sneakers, the precocious McEnroe grabbed a racquetball shoe prototype with added ankle support from the bottom of a paper bag. "The guys were freaking out because this wasn't supposed to go to market," Perkins recalls. "It was an advanced concept, and suddenly he started wearing this shoe and immediately playing his tournament matches in it." McEnroe was never one for formality -- he once made a stir in the player's tearoom at Wimbledon by eating the traditional strawberries and cream without a spoon. As they say, if the shoe fits.

From Tennis Served Fresh and Men's Vogue

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Spring-Summer '08 Converse Jack Purcells by John Varvatos

We'll let these designs speak for themselves. Updated classics, clean and plain designs, which seems fitting for the classic tennis shoe.


Check out Converse Jack Purcells here.

From SneakerFiles

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