June 30, 2008

Prince Extends Popular O3 Speedport Black Racquet Line

O3 Speedport Black Team and O3 Speedport Black LongbodyGive More Player Types Chance to Pick Up and Customize a World-Class Racquet

SP Black Team Ang.jpgBordentown, NJ - June 30, 2008 - The O3 Speedport Black has become one of the best-selling, hottest tennis racquets in the world. An extremely versatile frame, "The Black" is being used by players of all levels - from two #1 ranked ATP touring pros to frequent recreational and league players. It has achieved its popularity and received numerous accolades due to its balanced blend of feel and power. As a result, an even greater number of players around the world have made the conversion to the most impactful and visible racquet technology in tennis - O3 (large ports built into the frame of the racquet).

Now, building off the success of the original O3 Speedport Black model, Prince is introducing two new versions of the popular racquet to bring the frame to more player types. Beginning July 1, players will have three options in the extended O3 Speedport Black family - the O3 Speedport Black, O3 Speedport Black Team and O3 Speedport Black Longbody.

O3 Speedport Black Team:
The Team version is a slightly lighter, even more maneuverable frame than its original counterpart. The Team is a perfect transitional racquet for a player - perhaps a younger competitive junior player - who likes the feel of the O3 Speedport Black, but would benefit from a slightly lighter frame. In addition, for players who want a smaller grip size, the O3 Speedport Black Team is available in a grip size zero (0).

O3 Speedport Black Longbody: The O3 Speedport Black Longbody is designed for more advanced players who want a longer frame to generate even faster racquet head speed - leading to more power and more spin - as well as extended reach and court coverage.
"This offering brings a winning racquet to a wider array of players," said Tyler Herring, Product Manager for Performance Racquets at Prince. "The new Team and Longbody versions are built for the large community of players who prefer a racquet in these particular specs but want to play with the O3 Speedport Black and might not have picked up the racquet otherwise.


Once players decide which version of the racquet is right for them, they can further customize their racquet in both feel and cosmetic - something completely unique to the O3 Speedport Black. All three versions will continue to give players the chance to select either the String Hole or String Port Inserts - a feature introduced in the original O3 Speedport Black - providing two distinct options in terms of hitting feel off the string bed. Now, in addition to choosing which inserts to use, players can also choose which color they want their inserts to come in - thus giving them the ability to design their O3 Speedport Black cosmetic in more than 2,400 color combinations.

In coming days, players will be able to go to: www.princetennis.com and Prince's online customization tool to test out various cosmetic combinations and arrive at their perfect Speedport Black. They can then print it out, forward to a friend, and bring their creation to a retailer in order to make it a reality.

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June 30, 2008

Tennis Equipment Q & A - Are big rackets better for power players?

Q. Are big rackets better for power tennis players?

A: Mid-size and mid-plus rackets allow the player to take the fullest, most aggressive swings and hit the ball hardest. Larger, oversize rackets lend more power and, for the more advanced "power" player, prevent a full swing. These large, powerful frames send the ball flying deeper into the opponent's side of the court and run the risk of hitting the ball beyond the baseline.

Do It Tennis

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June 25, 2008

New Red Prebuilt Tennis Racquets from Vantage for Summer

vantage red red.pngWe've thought Vantage might be on to something with their prebuilt racquets (they typically make custom racquets. Just recently, they've launched a new line of three red racquets for summertime. Each frame comes complete with a team holdall and just incase - a Vantage umbrella.

VT112 - Perfect for advanced players that generate their own power, the VT112 provides the ultimate in control and maneuverability. A 90" head size is complimented by almost 12oz weight and traditional headlight balance.
vantage red white.png
VT221 - A midplus "tweener" racquet ideally suited to good players still seeking some power and spin assistance. The VT221 is the 2nd of our 95" frames, the spin generating 16x19 string pattern is complimented by over 11oz weight and traditional headlight balance.

VT321 - The ultimate compromise between power and control. maneuverability and comfort is maintained by the slim beam width, whilst the 100" vantage red orange.pngheadsize delivers a consistently powerful and heavy ball. Open 16x19 string pattern allows great spin generation.

Check out Vantage Tennis' new red prebuilt tennis racquets.

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June 24, 2008

HEAD Wheelchair Players Have Solid Showing at World Team Cup in Italy

TEAMUSA2008WorldTeamCup.jpgThe nation's top wheelchair tennis players competed against participants from 34 countries, June 9th - 15th at the Invacare World Team Cup in Cermona, Italy.

HEAD sponsored players representing the United States and contributing to the team's success included:

#13 John Rydberg (Men) -- Head Flexpoint Instinct Team
#13 Beth Arnoult (Women) -- Head Airflow 3
#1 David Wagner (Quad) -- Head Flexpoint Instinct
#3 Taylor (Quad) -- Head Metallix 10
#13 Dylan Levine (Junior) -- Head MicroGEL Raptor MidPlus
Coach Dan James (Men, entire team) -- Head MicroGel Instinct
Coach Paul Walker (Women) -- Head MicroGel Radical Pro

ArrowContinue reading: "HEAD Wheelchair Players Have Solid Showing at World Team Cup in Italy"

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June 24, 2008

New James Bond Novel Features 007 Playing Tennis

007_logo.gifThere's a new James Bond novel, commissioned by the Ian Fleming estate, called Devil May Care. Why the heck do we care on a tennis blog? Because James Bond plays a tennis match in the book.

So we finally can find out:

Does James Bond play with a one- or two-handed backhand?
How does he spend his change-overs?
What's his favorite post-match quencher?

In the book he plays on Court 2 in the Bois de Boulogne on red clay (near Roland Garros). I can't wait to read it - they play with wooden racquets and white Slazenger balls. Classic!

Check out Devil May Care

Thanks to Hello Tennis

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June 23, 2008

Federer & Serena Push Fashion Boundaries at Wimbledon

fed ser wim.jpgIf you have read this blog for any period of time, you know I appreciate the classic looks in tennis. I'm not a fan of the sleeveless shirts or the graphics that are better suited on a low-rider than a tennis shirt. And that's not to say I don't like fashion forward tennis apparel either.

But we need to talk about the outfits Roger Federer and Serena Williams wore today to kick off Wimbledon. Let's start with Federer.

ser wim.jpgHe's the #1 player in the world, probably the best of all time. I appreciate he respects the tradition of Wimbledon. But does that mean he needs to look like Bill Tilden and Mr. Rogers' love child? The sweater makes him look like a prep schooler, not to mention its silly looking with the modern look of his regular apparel and headband.

His bag? Besides looking like a women's bag, its great...

On to Serena...

I like the look. And I like the coat. And I like both on her. But I just don't like the street clothes look on the tennis court. I didn't like her dominatrix boots, denim skirt and leather top a few years ago at the US Open. The same way I didn't like it when Agassi wore Levi's as warm up pants and denim shorts. I think where the line is for me is that you can be fashion forward all you want, but ultimately it needs to be within the tennis apparel family somehow.

My $.02

Photo via Daily Racquet

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Wimbledon-themed Crossword, Wordoku and Wordsearch Launched on TennisPuzzles.com

Thumbnail image for tennispuzzles.pngTennis fans who want to test their Wimbledon knowledge or brush up the unique qualities of the grass-court Grand Slam, can play free games on TennisPuzzles.com.

The website features Wimbledon-themed clues within an online crossword puzzles, wordsearch, and Wordoku (like Sudoko, with letters instead of numbers). The previous set of puzzles, which marked the debut of TennisPuzzles.com in May, focused on the French Open and are still available for play.

TennisPuzzles.com is the newest way for tennis fans to enjoy their favorite sport. The free website offer fans a way to stay mentally sharp, learn tennis history and have "tennis fun off the court!"

Sponsorships of puzzles are available for companies who want to actively engage tennis enthusiasts in their brands.

All three puzzle types are authored by Matt Gaffney exclusively for the TennisWire Network. Gaffney's work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and The Onion, among others, and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Crossword Puzzles & Word Games is among the books he's written.

The website is the latest addition to the TennisWire Network, which includes TennisWire.org (industry news and resources), WorkInTennis.com (career center), and TheBuzz.HelloTennis!com (stories behind the headlines). The TennisWire Network connects industry insiders with the media, fans, and players. All four sites offer free email newsletter.


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June 20, 2008

Wilson Impact Tennis Racquet


Designed for novice players, this titanium-alloy tennis racquet has Volcanic Frame technology for power and stability and a Cushion Pro Grip for comfort. The racquet weighs 10.7 ounces and measures 27.5 inches long, with an oversized 110-square-inch head and factory stringing. The grip is 4.25 inches in diameter.

At Wilson Impact Tennis Racquet

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Sharapova-designed Sony Ericcson Products are Unveiled

Sharapova became Sony Ericsson's first global brand ambassador at the beginning of the year. The Maria Sharapova Design Collection consists of the IDC-31 Courtside Case, the compact IDC-32 Exercise Case, the IDC-33 Party Bag and the IDC-34 Travel Wallet.

From Women's Tennis Blog

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K-Swiss Guerilla Advertising in Paris

I don't speak French, so its tough to give you too many details, but the photos speak for themselves. K-Swiss goes into Paris with pink tennis balls on cars and billboards on trucks. If you're interested in a video about how K-Swiss put the campaign together and some of the reactions of the bystanders, click here.


From Adivertido via NOTCOT

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June 18, 2008

Tennis Equipment Q & A - Should I add lead to my racket head?

Q. If I am a power swinger, should I be adding lead tape to the racket head?

A: Lead tape can add weight to the head of the racquet and thereby re-balance the racquet to suit the needs of the player. The added weight can give the racket more power to drive through the ball on each shot.

Do It Tennis

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Free Passes for Online Wimbledon Coverage

Thumbnail image for wimbledon.pngTechCrunch has alerted us to an offer that we hope is still available. This year's Wimbledon coverage will be streamed online by MediaZone at Wimbledon LIVE beginning June 23rd.

The "all-access pass" costs $25, but TechCrunch is offering 50 free passes by sending an email here.

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Seven Tennis Books for Your Summer Reading List

HelloTennis.com's Lisa Horan has a great post today regarding some new (and some not as new) tennis books for various interests. From history buffs to bios, debates to doubles, there's something for everyone. There are a couple here I hadn't heard of, which is great. Can't wait to crack them open and get my tennis fix. First on the list for me? Tennis Confidential. The one that intrigues me the most? Friends, Writers, and Other Countrymen

If you want to read Lisa Horan's reviews and descriptions (awesome), click here.

Here they are:

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June 17, 2008

Ektelon Launches O Series Performance Footwear; Celebrates #1 Pros

Ektelonshoes_O_black_ang.jpgAfter months of exhaustive design and on-court play-testing, Ektelon is launching O Series and in the process is taking footwear to a "hole" new level - as evidenced by the new O-Port ventilation system designed into the upper portion of the shoe to deliver exceptional breathability. O Series also builds on the success of the original M Series line by delivering improved Precision Tube technology which rounds the tubes for maximum energy return and greater shock absorption.

Coming in a mid profile, the OC-1 performance shoe is built to provide players with ultimate support and features a gum rubber outsole in an aggressive herringbone tread pattern to allow greater traction, quicker acceleration and improved lateral stability.

"Ektelon is focused on understanding exactly what racquetball players need to win and we pride ourselves on providing them with the best products from head to toe." said Scott Winters, Vice President of Indoor Sports at Ektelon. "For a competitive racquetball player, support and acceleration are key when it comes to footwear and this new line provides both in exceptional fashion. We are excited to introduce O Series as we look to bring the best quality products to players and continue to grow our footwear category."

The OC-1, will be available in two colorways (Black/Red/Silver, White/Black/Silver) starting July 15, 2008 and have a MSRP of $110.

Check out Ektelon footwear here.

EktelonUSOpen3Rs.jpgMoving on, its been a big year for Ektelon's "Three R's": Rocky Carson, Rhonda Rajsich and Ruben Gonzales, who have ended their year ranked #1 in the world

"This has been a uniquely remarkable year and marks a very exciting time for the Ektelon brand," said Scott Winters, Vice President of Indoor Sports at Ektelon. "We are proud of all of our players, but it only appropriate to recognize and celebrate having both the #1 players in the world on the men's and women's pro tour and one of the greatest players of all time in Ruben continuing to succeed at the highest levels. The three R's are not only great players, but wonderful ambassadors for the brand and the sport both on and off the court. We are extremely proud and feel very fortunate to have them playing Ektelon products." Read more

Check out Ektelon racquetball equipment here.
via Racquet Sports Industry News

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Wilson Releases Limited Edition Roger Federer Racket Bag

wilsonfedbag.JPG06/16/08 - Chicago--Just in time for Wimbledon, Wilson Sporting Goods Co. is releasing a limited edition Roger Federer Super Six racket bag.

As Federer steps on the court to win his 13th Grand Slam and 6th Wimbledon title, he will be supported by a Wilson limited edition racket bag. Federer will carry this rare memento of his Grand Slam career for his first 2008 Wimbledon match, at 2:00pm on June 23rd.

This limited edition Super Six bag is made from high quality materials and will be produced in limited quantity. It provides Thermoguard™ and Moistureguard™ compartments to protect your rackets from the elements on and off the court. Thermoguard™ is a patented technology which helps to insure string performance. The design of the bag incorporates the traditional Wimbledon white and Wilson red. It also features aspects of Federer's origins with elements of the Swiss flag along the edge of the bag. This year's bag includes several embroidered components including Roger's signature as well as the Wilson script logo. This limited edition bag will begin shipment this week and will be carried by Federer through the 2008 US Open.

via Tenniswire

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June 16, 2008

adidas Tournament Pack - We need these in the US!

We first brought these to you back in March, and now SneakerFiles has pics on the second drop of the classic adidas tennis shoes. White, black and green are three of the few colors seen in the pack throughout the different models. The Matchplay, Tennis Advantage OG, Stan Smith, and Forest Hills '82 are the four sneakers seen in this second drop.

Check them out, they're awesome if you're a fan of classic tennis looks and the old school. From what we can tell, they're only selling in the UK. If we're wrong in this assumption, PLEASE someone let us know. If we're not, comment on this blog and let's see if we can get someone to carry them over here.



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June 15, 2008

K-Swiss Men's Ultrascendor on Sale

K-Swiss Men's Ultrascendor (Wh/Nvy/Slvr)
Tennis Magazine's Editor's Choice Winner is now on sale for $69.99. More importantly, these kicks are what I'm wearing these days (the mid version) and they are the best tennis shoes I've worn in a long, long time. They are super light, but with the durability you'd expect from K-Swiss. Great comfort, great support, and an all-surface outsole.`

The Ultrascendor combines performance features with lightweight materials and design elements that minimize the weight of the shoe - a skeletalized outsole with exposed EVA and a unique design in the cushion board.

Check out the K-Swiss Men's Ultrascendor here.

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June 11, 2008

Tennis Equipment Q & A - What racket measurements matter?

Q. What are the racket measurements to know when comparing tennis rackets?

A: Here are some important technical specifications to consider when racket shopping:

Balance: The midpoint along the racket as measured from butt to head is used as the starting point to measure balance. If the racket is evenly balanced, its weight will be evenly distributed on either side of the midpoint, so that if you hold the racket parallel to the floor between your thumb and forefinger at this point, the racket will hang evenly. If the racket is head heavy, more weight is at the head end and the racket will have more swing weight. If the racket is head light, more weight will be at the butt-end and it will have less swing weight. Head heaviness or lightness is measured in points.

Beam Width: Think of it as the thickness of the racket. Look at the racket from the side - its width is the beam width. A thick beam width means stiffness and more power. A thinner beam width means flexibility and less power.

Composition: The materials that the racket is made of defines the racket's composition. Graphite, titanium, ceramics, aluminum and fiberglass are the principle materials used in modern-day racket construction.

Do It Tennis

ArrowContinue reading: "Tennis Equipment Q & A - What racket measurements matter?"

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New Pete Sampras Biography For Sale Today

sampras book.jpgThanks to Daily Racquet, we found out about the new Pete Sampras biography that's just hit shelves today, appropriately titled "A Champion's Mind."

How did Pistol Pete hold the #1 ranking for 286 consecutive weeks? How did he win 14, count 'em, 14 Grand Slam? Hard work and determination of course, but you'll have to read the book. Sampras rarely, if ever, opens up about his life, so this is quite an opportunity to learn more about one of the top 3 (in my opinion) players in the history of tennis.

Check out "A Champion's Mind: Lessons from a Life in Tennis"

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June 10, 2008

Playmate Serve Lift Turns Ball Machines Into Serving Machines

The_Playmate_Serve_Lift.jpgThis thing is crazy. Not only can it help you practice your return, it can also send over a realistic slice that comes from a naturally elevated position - making it much more realistic.

Some other things to note:

-Practice Defensive Lobs Against the Ball Machines Overhead
-Practice Poaching by Reading The Ball Machine's Wide or Inside Serve
-Stable Design
-Aircraft Aluminum Construction
-Three Year Limited Parts Warranty

Check out the Playmate Serve Lift or the Playmate Ace Ball Machine.

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Lacoste Stealth Collection Taking its Cues from Nike

air-zoom-tennis-trainer-101.jpgI used to work in the footwear business. I understand that most shoe companies copy each other to one degree or another...there's only so much you can do with leather, rubber and mesh. So I wasn't surprised when I saw the Lacoste Stealth Collection at SneakerFiles and saw what to me looks a lot like the Nike Air Trainers that are set to be reissued this year. The Lacoste's likely don't have the tech, and are more fashion that function. And the colors aren't entirely the same, but they sure do look like they're from the same family.

Am I the only one seeing the resemblance? Let me know what you think.

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June 9, 2008

Prince to Have Build-Your-Own O3 Racquets Soon

Prince just released their French Open-themed newsletter. It has quite a few interesting tidbits about the pros they sponsor, and some sharp photos of them. They weren't able to tout the champ in either men's (Babolat) or women's (Yonex), but hidden in the newsletter was one nugget that caught my eye. Prince will be allowing customers to build their own O3 racquet online. When? Not sure, they naturally want us to frequent princesports.com to find out. When I know you'll know.

BTW, WhatsAllTheRacquet will be review some Prince Aerotech apparel in the upcoming days, so stay tuned.

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June 8, 2008

Ana Ivanovic's Wimbledon Dress

ana-ivanovic-wimbledon08.jpgHere's a first look at the adidas Edge Spring/Summer 2008 in white/mauve tint - the dress French Open champ Ivanovic will wear at Wimbledon. It is set to be available for sale this month at a retail price of $65.

Images courtesy of adidas; Heads up from Tennis Served Fresh

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June 7, 2008

Get $25 Gift Certificate with Prince Racquet Purchase

o3-white racquet.jpg
Tennis Offer Alert - If you buy a Prince racquet, like the Prince O3 White, Prince O3 Speedport White, Tour, OZone Tour or OZone Pro Tour, you'll get a $25 gift certificate.

Check out all the Prince sticks here.

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June 6, 2008

Nike - The real winner of the men's French Open final

b_003_nadal_0605_cbs.jpgfed french.png
Nike, not to be outdone by its chief rival adidas, is outfitting the two men's finalists for the French Open. Both world #1 Roger Federer and world #2 Rafael Nadal are head-to-toe Nike guys.

Both companies are getting value for their sponsorship dollar this weekend for sure.

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Adidas - The real winner of the women's French Open final

ivanovic 08rg thurs2 2 200.jpgsafina 08rg wed2 200.jpg
Ana Ivanovic and Dinara Safina meet tomorrow in the Ladies' French Open final. This match-up ensures that there will be a first time French Open champion. However, by outfitting both players, the guaranteed winner is adidas.

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June 4, 2008

Tennis Equipment Q & A - Are lightweight rackets a good idea?

Q. Is a lightweight racquet a good idea?

A: Tennis elbow is a big concern when you discuss lightweight rackets. Light, stiff and head-heavy racquets are bad for tennis elbow, so you should steer clear of them. A heavy racket with a light head is best for avoiding tennis elbow while maximizing performance. A light racket with a heavy head gives the opposite effect. Sum it up this way:

Heavy racket, light head = GOOD
Light racket, heavy head = BAD

Here is another way to look at it. In a car accident between a heavy SUV and a small compact car, who comes out better? The heavy SUV, right? The little car gets crushed. Think of the collision between racket and ball the same way. A heavy racket (i.e., the heavy SUV) will survive the impact better than a light racket (i.e. the compact car).

Here are three downsides to a really light racket. First, you have to swing it harder and faster to generate the velocity needed to counteract the oncoming momentum of the ball. These violent strokes are harder to control. Second, when you have to reach for the ball you are out of position to wind up and take a full swing. The result is a weak shot when you use a really light racket. Third, going back to the SUV and compact car illustration, a light, fast racquet will slow down on impact and transfer stress to the arm rather than power through the ball and carry the load, as do heavier rackets.

Do It Tennis

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TennisPuzzles.com Launches with French Open Crossword, Word Search & Sudoku

tennispuzzles.pngA fun idea to test your stretch your brain muscles and test your tennis trivia knowledge - Tenniswire Network has lauched TennisPuzzles.com, where you can play tennis-themed crosswords, word searches and wordoku (which is sudoku with words). And since it's French Open time, you'll find tournament-themed clues in the puzzles.

tennis crossword.png

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June 3, 2008

The Towels of the French Open

It isn't every day you see towels that could qualify as works of art, so we'll let these speak for themselves.

women players towel.jpg
players beach towel.jpg
beach towel circles.jpg
beach towel cup.jpg
beach towel shade.jpg
beach towel small letters.jpg
clay beach towel.jpg

Visit the French Open Store

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June 2, 2008

Doppelganger of Facebook Founder Zuckerberg Into French Open Quarters

gulbis 2.jpgzuckerberg.jpg
Are we sure Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, isn't actually the 19 year-old tennis player, Ernests Gulbis of Latvia? We dare you to tell us which is which.

We wouldn't even have a chance to realize he looked like the young web mogul had he not been cutting through his French Open draw so cleanly. So far he's defeated Simon Greul, James Blake, Nicolas Lapentti and Michael Llodra so far. He now faces Novak Djokovic in the quarterfinals...uh-oh...

Doppelganger theory from Silicon Alley Insider

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June 1, 2008

Ana Ivanovic Signs With Rolex

ivanovic08oc02.jpg"Ivanovic will match her Rolex watch with her adidas shoes and clothing, while she's driving her Verano Motors' Peugeot with her Yonex racquet in the back seat, and simultaneously with all that she'll be taking Juice PLUS+."

Whew...that's a lot of sponsors...

Ivanovic will be the only female tennis player to serve as an ambassador for Rolex.

From Women's Tennis Blog

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French Open women's mauve t-shirt

100%, cool color and cropped at the bottom and on the sleeves. But what we really liked was the faded layout of Stade Roland Garros. This is a fun shirt.

Visit the French Open Store

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