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January 10, 2008

Wilson Badminton Enters 2008 with new [K]Factor Racquets

Wilson has applied its [K]Factor technology to its new 2008 badminton racquets. There are 5 such racquets that were just launched in Sweden: [K]Lite, [K]Blade, [K]Power, [K]Tour and [K]Pro.

But what's a good racquet without a good shuttlecock? Wilson's been working on shuttlecock technology for awhile now, and feel they've finally found the line they're happy to produce. Its called the Top Line series and it has everything for the players looking for perfection as well as the player that expects great quality at a fair price. Top Line shuttlecocks aren't yet available, but will be soon, so we'll be watching and will post when we see them.

Learn more about [K]Factor here.

Wilson [K]Factor Badminton Racquets:
Wilson '08 (K) Blaze Badminton Racquet
For the advanced player - it provides power, speed and control. Flex is Medium Stiff, weighs 82-86gm, and has Center Balance.

Wilson '08 (K) Tour Badminton Racquet
This is meant for the advanced, aggressive players, providing great feel and control. Stiff on the flexibility scale, weighs 85-89gm, and it slightly head heavy.

Wilson Shuttlecocks:
Wilson Classic Badminton Shuttlecock
Medium grade goose feathers, 12 shuttlecocks, the smart tube lid controls humidity inside the tube.

Wilson Matchpoint Shuttlecocks
Made from nylon, these shuttlecocks are durable and lightweight and come in a 6-pack container.

Wilson Tournament Gold Goose Feather Shuttlecock
12-pack of top grade goose feather shuttlecocks. The smart tube lid controls humidity inside the tube.

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November 17, 2007

Are Yonex Racquets Better?

An excellent piece about why Yonex badminton racquets are one of the best, if not the best, around. Badminton coach Kah Shin details exactly why Yonex is such a strong racquet, going point by point through all the features including: Nanoscience and isometric technology, the use of elastic titanium, a solid feel core, a new grommet system, a built in T-joint, control support caps, the use of titanium mesh and Armortech-800, and the Power Armor System. You'll note that What's All the Racquet has covered nanotechnology in tennis racquets numerous times (Nanotechnology in Tennis Racquets and Wilson K-Zen).

After all of that, the article wraps it up by saying that it all really comes down to your skill level not your racquet, which is why I appreciated the article more than most.

Check it out at

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November 11, 2007

HEAD Enters Badminton Business

I know we're several months late on this news, so its not really an "announcement." But its newsworthy in that its our favorite racquet manufacturer, Head. And since we're broadening out horizons to include all racquet sports, we thought this might be of interest.

From News, 02.08.2007

Badminton players are anticipating the launch of the new line of Badminton products from HEAD. Due to hit shelves in the summer of 2007, a complete line of HEAD racquets, bags, indoor shoes, apparel, strings, shuttlecocks and grips will be available at retailers worldwide.

Metallix Racquet Series
No chain is strong enough to harness the power of HEAD Metallix™. Made of a specially designed matrix of carbon fibers and a new crystalline metal alloy, Metallix™ is one of the lightest and strongest new materials available today.

The alloy's grain size is 1000 times smaller than that of a typical metal. The decreased grain size translates into increased performance, or, as the Hall-Petch Effect states: smaller grains – stronger material. The result is a lighter, stronger and more powerful racquet than ever before.

HEAD's new Top Cap creates a flat top surface on the handle, providing excellent hold on serving, maximum grip control for double play and optimal handling for fast speed reaction.

The Metallix Series includes the racquets Metallix™ 10000, 8000, 6000, 4000 and 2000.

Airflow Racquet Series
Light as air with fast maneuverability, HEAD Airflow racquets were designed for women who want to get the most out of their game. With perfect head-light balance and a slimmer, conical wooden grip handle, HEAD Airflow technology puts extra speed and control right into the palm of your hand. The Airflow racquet series consists of the racquets Airflow 5 and Airflow 3.

HEAD Shuttlecocks
HEAD shuttlecocks demonstrate consistent quality under varying conditions of play, providing accurate flight, optimal speed and top durability. Made from carefully selected natural raw materials, HEAD shuttles undergo strict production and quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process.

HEAD Pro Players Enjoy Success
HEAD’s professional Badminton players have already enjoyed the new line of products on the court. Top world player Anthony Clark and European champion Donna Kellogg join fellow HEAD players Mathias Boe, Carsten Mogensen, Simon Maunoury, Elodie Eymard, Thomas Quere, Kristof Hopp, Anastasia Russkikh, Richard Vaughan and Ekaterina Ananina and playing with the new Metallix Badminton Series racquets.

These players have already enjoyed tremendous success with the Metallix Badminton Series. In December 2006 Boe, of Denmark won the men’s doubles competition of the “Bulgarian Energetics” JSC Badminton Championship 2006, earning the first official victory for a HEAD badminton player on the IBF Badminton Circuit.

Fellow HEAD player Maunoury earned the title of French national champion in men’s singles in February 2007 and at the English National Championship HEAD players Clark and Kellogg snagged top honors in men’s doubles, mixed doubles and ladies doubles, respectively. Clark and Kellogg enjoyed continued success in March 2007 when they reached the semi finals of the All England Super Series tournament.

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November 10, 2007

Badminton Racquet Deals

It is a big day here at What's All the Racquet.

As of today, we're officially broadening our horizons, we have come to the realization that "racquets" are not the sole property of tennis. There are many other racquet sports that deserve more attention, such as: badminton, racquetball, squash and ping pong. pong uses a paddle, but we love the game anyway so we made a small exception.

Nothing's going to change with our tennis coverage, we're still going to talk about tennis equipment and tennis related products and news, that's still our main focus. But look for more news and reviews on other racquet sports as well. Enjoy!

Here's our first entry, this time on Badminton. This sport is really something most of us relegate to the backyard during 4th of July picnics. But not so fast, this is a very real, very intense sport as we'll come to learn.

Let's start with the racquets. Long, thin, light - they almost look fragile but make no mistake, most of the technology in tennis racquets is in badminton racquets as well.

Case in point, just like there are different tennis racquets for different styles of play in tennis, so to with badminton. We came across a great explanation of different types of racquets with decent deals to boot. The brand reviews is called Prospeed, check it out.

Prospeed badminton racquets

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November 9, 2007

Speedminton - If Sharapova likes it, can it be all that bad?

Speedminton. The ability to play "tennis" wherever you would like - the beach, the park, your back yard, wherever.

The "sport" uses an exclusive birdie called Speeder that is designed to fly fast and automatically start braking at the end of its flight ready for the return volley. These puppies can move up to 190 mph (Holy Crap!). Its for ages 8 and up and requires no net and no court. In fact, it can be played at night too with "Speedlights" attachments to make the birdies glow.

The Speedminton Fun Set includes:
- 2 Speedracquets: High quality, extruded Aluminum for lightness and maximum durability. Weighs just 6 oz, and is 23" long. Suits all ages.
- 3 Speeders: Made from patented, aerodynamic materials, each for a different kind of Play. One Fun Speeder for recreational play; one longer-distance, 190-mph Match Speeder; a Night Speeder for nighttime play.
- 4 Speedlights: For up to three hours of after dark play. Inserts into the cap of Night Speeder.
- 1 Speedbag: For carrying portability
- 1 Wind Ring: For play in windy conditions
- 1 Set Fun Court and Fun Guide-book: For those who love to compete! Eight cones to set up a competitive court

I don't know why they're referencing tennis, or why Sharapova's involved. Seems to me this would be a bigger draw for badminton players. But it does look like fun.

Watch a video about Speedminton here.

The fun pack starts at $39.95 from Mansion Select

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